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Best Buy Wedding Registry!

Wedding Wednesday’s have come and gone, but I recently heard about this new program that I had to share with you guys!
Have you heard that Best Buy launched a wedding registry service in February? When you think of Best Buy you probably don’t think wedding registry. If you’re anything like me you think that they just carry TV’s, computers and DVD’s.
But did you know that Best Buy carries so much more?! Want a new hair dryer? A blender? A vacuum? You can get all of that at Best Buy along with a new camera for the honeymoon and a washer and dryer for the new home!
They’ve also introduced a revolutionary idea called group gifting. Have a big item that you really want but feel guilty asking? With group gifting, multiple people can contribute to the price tag of the item! 
A new DSLR camera would have been ah-mazing to capture the Hawaiian sunsets!
Best part is, if there isn’t enough raised to purchase the item, Best Buy will give you the value that was contributed in the form of a gift card! You get 10% off of your purchases after the wedding and free shipping, how cool is that?!
Your fiance will probably be excited to go and register with you as well. They have a ton of gifts that you can both get excited about.  And if he’s not excited, you can always just drop him off at the video game demo center…I know that’s what I had to do with Dino Boy when we registered!
This is how I wish we looked after registering!
I really wish this program existed when we were registering for our wedding. It’s such a cool idea that I had to share!

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

Wedding Wednesday- Bridesmaid dresses

I have four amazing women that I can’t wait to have be by my side. These ladies have been there with me through it all and I can’t imagine not sharing this moment with them. They each bring something incredibly unique to the table and with that they all have unique body types. 
I searched high and low and finally found a dress I think is flattering on everyone. Let’s all be real, maxi dresses make you look pulled together when really they are just yoga pants with no crotch.
Tell me what you think!

150 days until we get married!

It’s pretty crazy to think that in 150 days I will be walking down the aisle (bawling my eyes out) and marrying my favorite dinosaur. I can’t even handle my excitement with this but I get a little overwhelmed thinking about all that I have to do. The diva attitudes, the checklist that never seems done, the spreadsheets that get more and more complicated, it seems like it doesn’t get worse than trying to plan a wedding these days.
I enjoyed this mini pity party for the stress I was dealing with until I read about other cultures. The Native American Hopi tribe has the bride go to her future mother in laws house and stay for three days. During this stay the bride has to grind cornmeal for her mother in law and her groom’s aunts come and attack the bride with mud. You guys, the bride gets covered in mud and yelled at.
I no longer can complain about what I deal with during this wedding. What was the most stressful part about wedding planning for you?

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Sweating for the wedding-packing lunch

Getting ready for the wedding has been a stressful, time-consuming but fun adventure! When we got engaged I had just started going gluten and dairy free for health reasons. I noticed I felt so much better and had so much more energy. The problem is that a lot of gluten-free foods are full of so much processed crap its hard to feel 100% better. I started packing my lunches and snacks full of fruits, veggies and nuts and felt a world of difference! If you are always on the go i recommend two lunch boxes. One for throughout the day and one to keep in your car for emergencies. What do you do to stay healthy?
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Wedding Wednesday- The Beauty In You

I got an email today letting me know I needed to start my cuticle treatments for my wedding in five months and I’ll be honest I started to panic. What if my cuticles were worse than most girls? What began at just a little note about my cuticles made me start to worry about everything else I needed to do beauty wise for the wedding. Every girl starts to worry about makeup appointments, hair appointments, spray tans, teeth whitening etc…. once they get engaged but I’m here to tell you to stop doing that.
Have you ever seen an ugly bride? No, because she exudes just a happy, youthful and all around gorgeous glow. No groom will ever say “She was beautiful today but her pores were so big!”  Honestly, he probably decided he wanted to marry you on a Sunday afternoon when you were wearing an extra-large shirt and sweatpants. There will never be another day that you will be dolled up but there will be plenty of other days that you will be just as beautiful. The man you marry will love the way you look the day after, the day you have a baby, the day you turn 45 and the day you leave one another to move up to heaven. STOP STRESSING ABOUT THE WAY YOU LOOK! 
I included what I look like on a Tuesday night after a thirteen hour day. No makeup, no product in my hair, period breakouts and stress hives. Is it a fantastic look? No. But I don’t always look like a dolled up girl and Dino Boy will marry me no matter what!
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Wedding Wednesday- Our Wedding Favors

Last week I told you all about our lemonade stand and the signature drink that will be served on the lemonade stand. To tie them both together we will have our wedding favors on the stand as well! How cute are these honey jars! What was your wedding favor?
 Personalized Clover Honey - Botanical (Set of 12) 
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Sweating for the wedding

With the wedding less than 6 months away I’m starting to stress about getting it together and cutting out my unhealthy snack foods to get ready for the dress! I have put on some serious love chub and ready to lose the weight and keep it off! I have a wonderful fiancée that tells me I’m beautiful every chance he gets and I love that, I think every girl needs a man who supports her and appreciates her beauty no matter what size. I think the thing I forgot about in this was I fell in love and had this relationship with him, I forgot about staying in love with my body. I’m ready now though. I’m ready to treat my body the way it deserves to be treated, to take care of it and respect its wishes. I’ve added small workouts to my crazy busy schedule, packed healthier snacks for the car and avoided that late snack snacking on the couch. I’m ready to put my best foot forward and get healthy! What have you been doing to stay healthy and love the body you are in?
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