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Warby Parker's New Collection!

Warby Parker Introduces the Daydream Collection 

Day or night, Warby Parker’s new collection is dreamy indeed. These new shades are the perfect addition to your lunchtime saunters and daily dose of Vitamin D replenishment. Those days are right around the corner – and not a day too soon, right? While there’s nothing more delicious than basking in the sun, we want to be sure and protect those peepers. And Warby Parker’s new Daydream collection is a sublime way to do it.

Meet Jackson and Abel, two new frame shapes your eyes are sure to love. Jackson is similar to the ever-popular, Winston – just with a wider frame. And Abel is angular, curvy, and apparently a lot of fun! For those of you who are Piper, Topper, and Madison fans, you’ll be intrigued to learn that they got a bit of spring sprucing up with some Petal Tortoise, Crystal, and English Oak.

Elevate your springtime reverie and make at least one of these shades your new grab-and-go this season.

And as always, for every pair sold, Warby Parker distributes a pair to someone in need.

Warby Parker for Valentines day

I’m the worst fiancée ever…..last year I made Dino Boy this heartfelt gift and scrapbook, I spent a month trying to pick out the perfect present. This year, I have worked long days sometimes nights on top of that, tried to get wedding stuff done and I just haven’t had the time to sit and think about a great Valentines day gift. A couple of days ago we hopped in his car and he complained that he broke another pair of glasses. I’m telling you guys this kid goes through them like no body’s business. Cheap Target sunglasses just aren’t cutting it anymore so I went on a search for a nice new pair for him. I wanted good quality ones that are hip and trendy. You guys, if you still haven’t gotten the boy a gift head over to Warby Parker! The cutest glasses with a try on at home program?! Win win! Plus, when you buy a pair of glasses they give a pair to someone in need. If I can help someone out while doing retail therapy I will take it! Take a look and tell me which one is your favorite and I’ll share Dino Boys reaction after Valentine’s day!
Check them out here
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