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Shows premiering in September

Fall is my favorite time of year. I’ll pass on the pumpkin spice lattes and get excited for fall tv! There is nothing better than cooking a hearty meal and then cuddling up on the couch with Dino Boy and watching our favorites! These shows are all premiering this month! What show are you excited for?

Late show with Stephen Colbert- September 8th

stephen colbert 

The Voice- September 21st

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Empire- September 23rd


Scandal- September 24th

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Daily Show with Trevor Noah-September 28th

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My Favorite Parks and Rec Moments

Sadly, tonight marks the series finale of Parks and Recreation. Parks & Rec is easily mine and Dino Boy’s favorite show…I’m actually a little embarrassed to mention how many times we’ve watched the entire series. It was the show we watched during our wedding planning to calm us down, it’s the show we go to when we need a laugh, and we constantly reference and quote it. I’m sad to see it go, but thankful for all the memories.

With that being said, here are my favorite moments from Parks and Rec!

Treat Yo Self

Whenever I think about making a purchase, I think what would Tom and Donna do? After all, It’s the best day of the year!
Leslie being sick
I refuse to be sick, so I could totally relate to Leslie powering through during this episode.

Donna’s Mercedes
This is probably one of my favorite episodes, Ron gets shot and we discover how much Donna loves her Mercedes

Fart Attack
Sometimes I really feel sorry for Jerry/Larry/Gary, the guy can’t even catch a break when he’s having a heart attack. I’ve also never seen Dino Boy laugh so hard. Click the link above for the actual clip and below for the fart attack sound bite from Tom.

Galentines Day
What’s better than getting together with the girls and celebrating lady friends breakfast style?

Leslie vs. Tammys
Nothing beats a good old fashion drink off for Ron! Leslie drunk makes me laugh every time.

Li’l Sebastian
 Li’l Sebastian! Who doesn’t love this little guy who’s the star of the Harvest Festival?! His memorial also provided one of the best moments as well

Snake Juice 
Tom’s best invention had to have been snake juice. Seeing the cast go crazy was absolutely hilarious!

Ben’s Proposal
I cried, when I first saw it and I’ve cried every time I’ve watched since. It’s so sweet, it’s so cute, and it’s so real. 
Their Marriage
As Dino Boy and I approached our own wedding we actually coordinated our Parks and Rec watching with the date of our ceremony. It worked out perfectly with the marriage episode being what we watched the day before we left for our wedding. It was awesome to watch Ben and Leslie scramble to plan their wedding and have it all come together, even if Jamm tried to screw it up.

Be sure to watch the series finale of Parks and Recreation tonight at 10pm on NBC after the Voice!

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Why Scandal Thursday nights are becoming Scandal Friday nights

Between a five am wake up call, working ten to fourteen hour days, wedding planning, events with friends and just those day to day things that take up so much time, my sleep has become something at the bottom of my daily to do list. I come home exhausted, complain to Dino Boy than somehow ramp up on fumes at ten pm only to be found at two am passed out on the couch with a law and order  svu playing in the background. After many hissey fits, and full fledged threatens to drag me to bed, Dino boy suggested maybe I play Netflix on my iPad before bed to unwind. He suggested we always go to bed at the same time and suggested a plan to wean off of the TV shows for bed time. I thought this kid is so smart, who thinks of these things?! You know who thinks of these things? People writing books on how to sleep train children. Homeboy is sleep training a twenty five year old and I couldn’t be more grateful.
I will be honest I’m obsessed with Scandal, I’m super focused at ten. Ten thirty rolls around and I’m out. I lately have stopped even attempting the episode and look forward to date night with Dino boy. We have some bbq, some whiskey and some Kerry Washington. Thursdays are not the new Fridays, Fridays are the new lets pretend we can still remain current and hip even though we will soon need the early bird special. 
What do you do to help fall asleep? Is the scandal 10 pm start time killing you?
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