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Weekend getaways

Dino Boy and I have had something filling up every day on the calendar for the past couple weeks, I finally had enough! We decided to have a mini getaway and head to Monterey to relax and recharge before going back to the insanity that is somehow our lives these days! We took the convertible Saturday morning and headed on our way! There is something about the wind in your hair, Frozen blaring from the stereo and the love of your life in the passenger seat that makes you realize you are so blessed and all of those day to day worries seem useless.
We went whale watching, a first for both of us and a fantastic experience. I’m not one for sitting still for long periods of time but somehow time flew by so quickly. It was so wonderful looking at these ginormous beautiful creatures that just seem to be having so much fun. We had a couple swim up to our boat and play. Seeing whales blow bubbles and chase each other is probably the silliest thing I’ve seen.
I love having these getaways to rest, and reconnect with the ones you love. We came back last night with a clear mind, less worry and more love for one another and the obstacles we face on a day to day basis. Blessed is the one word that comes to my mind when I think about everything now. How blessed are we all to be alive and happy with one another! What is your favorite place to go for a weekend?
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Carry on necessities

With the holidays just days away, I have started to pack up my carry on for the trek back to Boston. Here are some of my carry-on necessities:

/home/sunshi62/public html/wp content/uploads/2013/11/Sunshine and Pearls Carry On Necessities

1. A notebook- I always bring my iPad but when I’m cramped in a tiny seat sometimes it’s easier for me to just sit and write in a compact notebook. I also don’t like solely depending on my iPad for long flights, I conserve the battery for movies and such
Hard cover Coloured Notebook
2. Chargers- I always pack one set in my carry-on and one in my luggage.
TYLT Zumo Portable Battery Charger for Apple iPhone� 4/4S
3. Snacks- it’s hard to find gluten and dairy free snacks so I feel it’s my responsibility to keep treats in my bag so I don’t turn into hungry cranky pants.
Assorted Flavor Lollipops
4. Comfy headphones- I don’t know about you guys but during long flights, I just can’t stand ear buds. I absolutely love these!
Tumi - Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (Black) Headphones 
5. Spare toiletries- I always carry Vaseline, lotion, and chapped stick. My skin gets so dry after a flight so these are essential for me.
 Tory Burch - Robinson Small Makeup Bag (Pale Apricot) Toiletries Case
6. A good book- I have the worst luck when it comes to plane rides so I always have multiple activities so when my trip goes from a 6-hour flight to a 14 I’m not running out of things to do! I also find it so helpful to have spiritual books on the flight so I’m refreshed and positive at my new place!
 Make it Happen: Surrender Your Fear. Take the Leap. Live On Purpose.
7. Pens, pencils, post it’s, highlighters- I’m Mary Poppins in this bag, I bring it all!
Poppin Gold Pencil Pouch 
8. Business cards- you never know who you will sit next to! 
 Framed Business Cards
9. Reading glasses, prescription glasses (sometimes my contacts dry out on flights) and cheap sunglasses that I use once I get out of the airport
Rectangle Plastic Eyeglasses 
10. Hair teaser- my dull plane hair is not a good look! I rub a little lotion in it and tease it and it’s good to go!
 Amped Up Tease Brush Black Sparkle
11. Wristlet- I put my ID, boarding pass, and some cash in this so I don’t have to keep fishing out my wallet
 Kate Spade New York - Confetti Dot Envelope Wristlet Phone Case for iPhone 7 (Multi) Cell Phone Case
And then I throw it all in my classic Longchamp bag!
Longchamp Le Pliage Large Nylon Tote
What do you guys bring on the plane?
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