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An apple a day keeps home decor fun!

I’m all about adding weird and quirky things to our house. Dino Boy picks up gold hands, dinosaurs, wax sculptures and more with a quizzical look like why is this on our coffee table but I just can’t help myself. I feel like these accents make a house a home and I’m a serious nester. Here are some fun interesting finds that I think would be perfect in a corner, on a stack of books, on a dresser, shelf, anywhere that there is an open space. Take a look and tell me which one is your favorite! 

Red Delicious Wall Clock Kailua Pineapple Jar In Orbit Ornament Home Cookin' Sign Lacey Vase


Let me give you a hand with that!

I’m a sucker for crazy kind of items to go in our house. Antlers, fun ribbons, crazy vases and jars are all things that I believe every house should have. I was walking by Z. Gallerie after Halloween and found this funky gold skeleton hand. While most people would view it as a seasonal item I knew it needed to be in our house year round. After various spots in the house and Dino Boy asking “wtf?!” I finally found the perfect use for this bad boy: a ring holder!
How fun is that?! Plus, it makes me wear my funky rings more since they are out on display. What’s one fun piece in your house? 
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Metallic Christmas Table

I absolutely love decorating for the holidays! I don’t think Dino boy realized the extent of my decorating until the holidays. There is something just so great about having a festive table. This year I went with metallics and am so glad I did, it was easy to do and I will be able to keep most accents up until January. What are you doing to decorate for the holidays?
 Here are some wonderful picks that can help you recreate the look! 

Paper Tassel Chandelier

Mod Mercury Votives

Glitter-Dipped Place Cards (10)Antiquitarian Silver Cake StandToile de Jute Table Runner 

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Artful Living

Last week I attended Junior League’s Artful Living Home Show and I have to say I left completely inspired! It’s always interesting to see other people’s styles in their home. Decorating my home is a great stress reliever and I can’t wait to start prepping it for the holidays. One of the most interesting parts to the show was a wood inspired tabletop.
Here are the items you can buy to create your own rustic glam table decor

Round Raffia Placemats (Set Of 4)

Embossed Glass & Wood Hurricane Candle Holder

Collier Flatware 
Hemstitch Cloth Napkins Set - Sand
Grace Gold Trim White Dinnerware
Woven Champagne Table Runner
Faux Magnolia Arrangement