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A Family Affair

I’m finally taking a break from steaming the carpets, cleaning the bathroom, straightening up the office and preparing to host my family for dinner. Every month we all get together as a family and catch up! It’s a wonderful break from our busy schedules to just sit, have a glass of wine and enjoy the company. I think sometimes we take for granted our relationships with family and neglect to maintain that bond. I can’t imagine not being able to call my sister when I have some wedding crisis or my Dad when my car makes that funny noise. It’s great to have that permanent support system and to also be able to be that support system for them as well. So tonight, call someone in your family, catch up and thank them for all that they do for you!

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I believe

I believe.....
I believe there is no greater high than online shopping
I believe watching Scandal should only be done with wine and popcorn
I believe cute underwear is a necessity for a good mood
I believe chubby babies are the best babies
I believe awkward kids in high school always come out on top (here’s to hoping!)
I believe a teen pop singalong is best enjoyed on a 6 am car ride to work
I believe people aren’t lucky they just work harder behind the scenes
I believe every girl deserves a guy that names them giggle every day
I believe Sunday mornings are the best part of the weekend
I believe dinner parties are the best kind of parties
I believe forehead kisses, dog kisses and baby snuggles are better than medicine
I believe nap time is essential for every adult
What do you believe in?
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Make Way For Ducklings

As a child, my favorite memory had to be laying in bed and having my bedtime story be Make Way For Ducklings. It’s a book I treasure to this day due to the fact that I connected with this story on such a personal level. My mother read this book as a child and it was treasured throughout my extended family, I knew every time I read it that it was something special. Every child I take care of has a copy of the book in hopes that they soon will enjoy the magic of Robert McCloskey’s precious story of a family of ducks. When I went back to Boston the only thing on my list was to visit the duck sculpture I vividly remember climbing on as a child. I wanted to share the fun and nostalgia with Dino Boy and I’m so glad we could! What was your favorite childhood book?
 Make Way for Ducklings
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