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5 fun date ideas for spring

1. Go for a hike
Regardless of where you live you can always find a beautiful area to discover. Grab those tennis shoes and reconnect while burning calories!

2. Do a beer tasting
It seems that no matter what our month looks like Dino Boy and I somehow always end up spending a day in wine country and while I know he loves wine, I also know he would much rather drink a cold beer. Why not learn more about his favorite drink?
3. Go kayaking
There is something so beautiful and peaceful about being out on the water. With the beautiful weather this is a great spring activity!
4. Go to a baseball game
This is also one of those activities we do a lot and I always love it. While I may not enjoy cheering on the Giants (Go Red Sox!) I do love spending an evening outside with Dino Boy sharing a mutual love for the game.
5. Go to a museum after dark
Discovering museums certainly isn’t just for kids! There are plenty of places now that offer “after dark passes” that allow you to come after 6 pm and enjoy the space with a cocktail and the company of other adults. There is nothing better than learning, drinking and sharing the fun with your partner!

What do you do as a date activity? 

5 fun date ideas for the summer

I’m all about continuing to date Dino Boy through our engagement and our marriage. I think these simple dates help us reconnect as a couple and really enjoy the time we have together without any distractions.  Here are a couple of date ideas we have scheduled for the summer.
5 fun date ideas for the summer
1. Farmers market- I know I put this on basically every thing to do every month during the summer but I love this! We pick out a ton of different fruits and veggies and create a delicious and healthy dinner for our Saturday night.  My favorite so far has been grilled peaches!
2. Sit on your porch, deck, front door….whatever is outside and peaceful and discuss the great parts of your day. No nagging, no mental to do list, just the two of you discussing the great things that are happening in your life.
3. Ice cream date. I can’t enjoy traditional ice cream because of a dairy allergy but I am able to find substitutes. It’s a fun throwback kind of date that helps cool off during the warm summer months.
4. Discover your hometown. You would be surprised how much you walk by every day. Find a new restaurant,  a coffee shop or an antique shop.  There are so many hidden gems in every town.
5. Road trips! If Dino Boy took curves a little slower (hint hint ♥) I could enjoy our road trips so much more but no matter what I always seem to giggle and reconnect with my favorite guy when we go on an adventure. Create a fun playlist you can sing along to, pack some yummy snacks and hit the road!
What are some dates you enjoy during the summer?
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10 things to try this month

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1. Rearrange the furniture in your house: it’s amazing what changing up your living space can do to all aspects of your life. Try something new and see what works
2. Go on a road trip: Dino Boy and I have a wonderful time just getting in the car and driving somewhere fun. It brings us together and is always an adventure!
3. Set a specific goal and every week evaluate what’s working: When you check in on the goals on a regular basis you are more likely to achieve them.
4. Plant a flower: There is nothing like a beautiful flower sprouting because of you!
5. Go on a bike ride: Beach cruisers are so cute! Why not get some exercise and enjoy the sunshine.
6. Go wine tasting: This weather is perfect for wine tasting! Throw on a sundress, buy the designated driver dinner and head out for a wonderful time.
7. Put on jewelery every single day: I’ve slacked on the accessories game lately but over the past couple days I’ve realized how much more pulled together you look with the right jewelery
8. Spend twenty minutes every day cleaning out a drawer in the house: mama bear came to visit me last week and I have to say tackling things a bit at a time helped us do a thorough job while also not getting overwhelmed
9. Schedule a girls night: with everything getting so crazy round here it’s easy to neglect those friendships. Keep them fun and connected by at least scheduling a monthly night or afternoon out with your lovely ladies
10. Go on a tour of your city: it’s amazing how you can drive by so many things in town that have so much history behind it. You will be amazed at how many fun things happened in your town.
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10 date ideas under $10

Dino Boy and I made a resolution to continue dating each other. It seems like a kind of weird idea considering we are getting married but I think with all the craziness going on it’s important to have that one on one time that doesn’t involve cake tastings, chores around the house, family get togethers etc….. Here are some fun date ideas that don’t break the bank:

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1. Go bowling
2. Go for a hike and pack a picnic lunch
3. Join Netflix and find a new show to watch together
4. Take a free factory tour
5. Volunteer
6. Have a game night
7. Go to the farmers market
8. Go see a high school play
9. Go star gazing
10. Tour a historical building in town
What are some fun date ideas that you have done?
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