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Carry on necessities

With the holidays just days away, I have started to pack up my carry on for the trek back to Boston. Here are some of my carry-on necessities:

/home/sunshi62/public html/wp content/uploads/2013/11/Sunshine and Pearls Carry On Necessities

1. A notebook- I always bring my iPad but when I’m cramped in a tiny seat sometimes it’s easier for me to just sit and write in a compact notebook. I also don’t like solely depending on my iPad for long flights, I conserve the battery for movies and such
Hard cover Coloured Notebook
2. Chargers- I always pack one set in my carry-on and one in my luggage.
TYLT Zumo Portable Battery Charger for Apple iPhone� 4/4S
3. Snacks- it’s hard to find gluten and dairy free snacks so I feel it’s my responsibility to keep treats in my bag so I don’t turn into hungry cranky pants.
Assorted Flavor Lollipops
4. Comfy headphones- I don’t know about you guys but during long flights, I just can’t stand ear buds. I absolutely love these!
Tumi - Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (Black) Headphones 
5. Spare toiletries- I always carry Vaseline, lotion, and chapped stick. My skin gets so dry after a flight so these are essential for me.
 Tory Burch - Robinson Small Makeup Bag (Pale Apricot) Toiletries Case
6. A good book- I have the worst luck when it comes to plane rides so I always have multiple activities so when my trip goes from a 6-hour flight to a 14 I’m not running out of things to do! I also find it so helpful to have spiritual books on the flight so I’m refreshed and positive at my new place!
 Make it Happen: Surrender Your Fear. Take the Leap. Live On Purpose.
7. Pens, pencils, post it’s, highlighters- I’m Mary Poppins in this bag, I bring it all!
Poppin Gold Pencil Pouch 
8. Business cards- you never know who you will sit next to! 
 Framed Business Cards
9. Reading glasses, prescription glasses (sometimes my contacts dry out on flights) and cheap sunglasses that I use once I get out of the airport
Rectangle Plastic Eyeglasses 
10. Hair teaser- my dull plane hair is not a good look! I rub a little lotion in it and tease it and it’s good to go!
 Amped Up Tease Brush Black Sparkle
11. Wristlet- I put my ID, boarding pass, and some cash in this so I don’t have to keep fishing out my wallet
 Kate Spade New York - Confetti Dot Envelope Wristlet Phone Case for iPhone 7 (Multi) Cell Phone Case
And then I throw it all in my classic Longchamp bag!
Longchamp Le Pliage Large Nylon Tote
What do you guys bring on the plane?
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