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Exploring The San Francisco Zoo With Ergo!

I received a free Ergo baby carrier from Ergo in exchange for writing a review on the blog. This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links.

This past weekend Dino Boy and I took miss Ella to the zoo for the first time! In addition to seeing the lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) it also gave us the perfect chance to try out our new Ergo baby carrier given to us by the fabulous Ergo company!

The San Francisco zoo is huge! 100 acres to be exact, so we definitely needed something that would keep both Ella comfortable, and not leave us looking like hunchbacks at the end of the day.

We’ve tried a few baby carriers, and this one by far, has been the best! We love that we can put her in multiple different seating positions. Front facing, facing us, strapped to our back, or even putting her in a side sling.

Our previous baby carrier only allowed her to face towards us. While this was awesome when she was an infant, Ella has not gotten to the point where she wants to see the world around her, and she would often get frustrated in it.

With the Ergo, she’s now able to face out and see everything around her! Super essential for viewing red tigers with her dad!

As you can probably see, the ergo allows Ella to sit securely, but also high enough to see everything around her. A bonus, is the little bib in the front for her. She loves using this as a little teether, and we love that it’s able to soak up all her drool. Have an infant? The flap flips up so it can keep them secure! Best part? It’s all machine washable, so after a long day of looking at animals, we just throw it in the wash!

Ella’s wingspan is still pretty small, but she loves tasting things!

Dad loved that the Ergo was made of comfortable material, didn’t dig in anywhere, and felt super sturdy!

With Ergo in place, Ella discovered some of her new favorite animals! These were her top 3!

She loved the awesome colors of this macaw!

She liked watching the grizzly bear just lounging around!

But her favorite was probably the tiger! It was close to feeding time and this guy was just pacing back and forth waiting for lunch! Ella loved watching him walk around!

We’re really excited that Ella did so well at both the zoo and in the ergo! We’re looking forward to using it when we go to Disneyland in December!

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