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Life unplugged

Over the weekend Dino Boy and I traveled to the mountains. While the visit was due to unfortunate circumstances, it was nice to spend some quality time with his family. Without cell service or WiFi it was a forced break from constant emails and calls and it was exactly what I needed to relax and recharge. Sometimes we need to just step away from the screens and go outside. Take a deep breath of that fresh air and thank God you are alive. I really appreciated being able to experience life distraction free and loved bonding with such a wonderful group of people.
What did you do this weekend?
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My week in gifs

On Monday I had beer, burgers and spent the day at the lake. Basically just celebrating America!
On Tuesday I thought I was ready for the work week. I was wrong
On Wednesday I got a little stressed over wedding things and decided to stress eat
 On Thursday I had amazing kids that napped!
 Today I’m starting my “stay”cation with Dino Boy. No phones and no internet
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Sipping Saturday- Christmas cocktail

When the doctors told me I was no longer able to have gluten or dairy all I saw were loaves of bread, mac and cheese, chocolate and everything I have every craved go out the window. I’ll admit the pity party I threw myself didn’t have the appetizers or main courses that I once wanted I have an amazing man who was able to pick me up and find new recipes to prevent me from going hungry! Things have been great but I have been missing yummy cocktails. This Saturday I’m featuring a new series called Sipping Saturdays!
My first cocktail was named Noelle’s Christmas Cocktail after last years drunk Christmas night.
3 parts Amaretto
3 parts homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream
            recipe is here (gluten and dairy free!)
I put a couple ice cubes and then shake shake shake!!!
What’s your favorite cocktail?
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