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10 things I’ve learned while watching Law and Order SVU


1. Sometimes you need to a good Benson pep talk


2. Short hair is a hard look to pull off, its all about that layers


3. A good theme song makes a show


4. Dad bod is yum-o


5. Sometimes you need a little sass

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6. You can never just watch 1 episode


7. The entire miranda rights speech


8. You sometimes just need to get a cry out


9. Don’t go running in the morning, you will find a body but stay in shape to keep up with Stabler


10. I will never turn down a law and order svu weekend marathon 





Why Scandal Thursday nights are becoming Scandal Friday nights

Between a five am wake up call, working ten to fourteen hour days, wedding planning, events with friends and just those day to day things that take up so much time, my sleep has become something at the bottom of my daily to do list. I come home exhausted, complain to Dino Boy than somehow ramp up on fumes at ten pm only to be found at two am passed out on the couch with a law and order  svu playing in the background. After many hissey fits, and full fledged threatens to drag me to bed, Dino boy suggested maybe I play Netflix on my iPad before bed to unwind. He suggested we always go to bed at the same time and suggested a plan to wean off of the TV shows for bed time. I thought this kid is so smart, who thinks of these things?! You know who thinks of these things? People writing books on how to sleep train children. Homeboy is sleep training a twenty five year old and I couldn’t be more grateful.
I will be honest I’m obsessed with Scandal, I’m super focused at ten. Ten thirty rolls around and I’m out. I lately have stopped even attempting the episode and look forward to date night with Dino boy. We have some bbq, some whiskey and some Kerry Washington. Thursdays are not the new Fridays, Fridays are the new lets pretend we can still remain current and hip even though we will soon need the early bird special. 
What do you do to help fall asleep? Is the scandal 10 pm start time killing you?
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The Body Book

Over the weekend I messed up and ate something that contained dairy and gluten. If you have followed along, I have been gluten and dairy free since November and have been amazed at the results. A little after ingesting it I felt sick to my stomach, my rash formed again and all I wanted to do was lay in bed. It’s amazing to think something so simple as your diet can really change your body but boy does it! I was intrigued by Cameron Diaz’s book and I have to say I have loved every page. It’s geared towards woman, it doesn’t set you up with unrealistic goals, she is simply saying take care of the body you were blessed with and it will take care of you. It was something I needed to be reminded of and I think it’s an important message for everyone to remember every day.
What do you do to stay healthy?
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Manic Monday playlist

So I’m still running off adrenaline from getting engaged this weekend! Check out the ring on my instagram and get ready for the first Wedding Wednesday this week, Dino Boy will share his side of getting engaged.
I am a creature of habit, I wake up at the exact same time every morning, I eat the same things for lunch, some call it boring I call it being productive without making decisions. Anyways, every Monday I have a playlist that gets me ready for the week ahead and I figured I would share with all of you lovely ladies!
My getting out of bed and preparing myself for the day music is normally Hey Monea, they just have a fun, fresh and funky vibe that makes me excited to be alive, even if it’s at 5:30 in the morning.  Hey Monea is the kind of band that I rock out to in my underwear while getting ready and I have no shame in that. Get that hair brush and bad 90’s dance moves ready, you will be shaking that money maker in no time.
Awolnation’s Sail has been my getting into the car, it 6 am and I have no desire to drive to work anthem. Within a minute I’m belting out the tune and people in the cars around me are looking at me like I’m crazy.
The House of the Rising Sun somehow always ends up on a driving playlist for me. Don’t ask me why but its essential. I’m a horrible driver and my road rage builds throughout my commute, this song seems to do the trick for me.
Clinton Sparks’s Gold Rush is my current guilty pleasure song. I love the beat and it just puts me in a good mood.
Mandisa’s Good Morning has been another song I listen to in the morning no matter what. Christian music is essential for me, especially in the morning. I like starting my day praising The Lord in such a fun way!
I have a pretty easy commute and I’m able to kind of time Ben Rector’s The Beat to be the last song before heading into craziness. I can’t help but sing along and helps prep me for the day. 
James Wolpert and Will Champlin seem to make appearances on my morning playlists as well. Loved the song choices and the crazy talent both of these men possess. Their fashion choices didn’t hurt them either. 
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Book review-Being a Rockefeller

Last week I picked up Being a Rockefeller Becoming Myself. I have had a hard time with family dynamics lately and thought this might be a pleasant distraction and a reminder that every family has difficulties. It was an incredible book about the troubles any person has with developing your own identity and exploring the relationship you have with yourself as well as the relationship with your family. It’s tough to find yourself, add a famous last name and high expectations and you have a recipe for one stressed out kid. Eileen did a wonderful job of expressing her frustrations and how she was able to overcome these obstacles and create lasting adult relationships with her siblings. Every family has a different set of dynamics and while its easy to presume the rich have it easy this book is honest in sharing the troubles and triumphs of being a Rockefeller.

People’s Choice Awards Fashion

People’s Choice Awards was last night and I was so excited to see the first red carpet of the year. Here are my favorite dresses:
Jennifer Hudson certainly brought it in this beautiful white dress. Her speech brought me to tears and the shows all of us that you can be beautiful inside and out!
These two sassy girls really stepped it up this year. The fun and flirty Beth Behrs wore was absolutely beautiful. It’s one part disco ball and one part super cute party dress!
Kat Dennings wore the most beautiful peplum dress. The shade, cut and material was absolutely perfect!
Lucy Hale wore a dress that I want to buy and wear on a Friday night! It’s colorful, hip and incredibly flattering. I think it was the right mix of fun fresh and funky!
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The guys behind the mask

I’m ashamed to admit I’m in love with a mascot….actually 4 of them. Before rumors start swirling about Dino Boy let me enlighten you on my latest obsession. Behind The Mask is a show about 4 mascots in different stages of their “mascot career” I honestly love the superman feeling when learning about these crazy guys. You see these guys transform into amazing characters all while staying true to themselves, it’s so endearing. Pop the popcorn and close the blinds, here comes the new guilty pleasure.
Rooty the tree is quite possibly the most entertaining. If you ever felt like you were the most awkward kid in high school, this guy will prove you wrong! He may be an awkward 16-year-old that plays with train sets but put a costume on the kid and he lights up like a Christmas tree.
Hey Reb likes his job so much that he’s taken 6 years to graduate! He’s a party animal on and off the court which makes it so endearing. He’s a guy that wears the mask even when it’s not necessary. His last year provides laughs and a ton of tears
Tux the penguin is doing all he can to make it to the big leagues. With the help of his son and fiancée he provides a feel good time with a Canadian accent. That all you need, ehh?
Bango is kind of a big deal….he does ladder dunks, hurts himself on a regular basis and dresses his children up as baby Bangos on the court. You can’t help but smile with this guy. TV gold right here!
Check out Behind The Mask on Hulu to see the guys behind the mask and tell me what you think!
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