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Spring Cleaning- My Make Up Bag

I’m all about spring cleaning every year but the one place I always neglect? My make up bag! I am ashamed to admit that I use most makeup until it’s all gone, makes sense right? Well, so many gross things live on our makeup and makeup brushes every day and the last thing I want to do is put that near my eye! So this week I did a deep clean off that good ol makeup bag and replenished my favorites!
Expiration dates for every beauty product
2 to 3 months
Face peels and masks
Acne pads
Nail files

6 months to 1 year
Liquid eyeliner
Liquid foundation
Acne creams and washes
Eye cream
Face wash
1 to 1.5 years
Lip gloss
Cream eyeshadow
Face cream
Bar soap
Shower gel
Eyebrow gel

2 years
Lip pencils
Eyebrow pencil
Nail polish
Eyeshadow powder
Powder foundation
Body lotion
Here are some of my favorite beauty products