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Setting Up The Perfect Birthday For The Man In Your Life

For those particularly close to you, you want to make their birthday count. You want to go beyond the usual paltry attempts people usually make on birthdays. More than just a cake with candles for blowing out. You want to make them feel special. If there’s a man in your life that you particularly like, planning the best birthday could be what makes him realise just how lucky he is to have you.

The present

A lot of women have trouble buying guys a present they’ll really like. There are a lot of colognes being bought, to the point where it’s boring and a bit of a disappointment, really. Instead, push the boat out a little with some unique and unusual gift ideas. If he likes his drinks, a set of really fine whisky tumblers could win him over big time, for example.

Take a road trip

Take more than just a day to make his birthday special. Make it exciting by going on a road trip together. This is particularly good for those relationships that are starting to get a bit more serious. Not only is it a commitment sharing that space with someone. You also tend to learn a lot about one another while seeing some great sights on the way.

Set up a party

The birthday party might not be the biggest surprise you can give a guy. But you can customise it a bit to make it more personalised for him. Getting his family or friends to help out is vital. Find the things that he loves and make them a central theme. If he likes his fine dining, for example, he might appreciate a birthday party around cheese and wine tasting.

Balloon 5

The gift that keeps on giving

Besides the birthday present, there’s a much more personal gift you can give him to really make it a special time. DIY coupon books are gaining some popularity as a gift. All for good reason. It’s the little things that really make our day after all. So fill a book full of little chores or things you can do for him. They can be sweet or they can be funny. 

Take a trip down memory lane

Another gift for the relationships that are starting to get more serious. Celebrate the times you’ve spent together by putting together a scrapbook of all your best bits. Go uncensored with it. Don’t leave out the photos where you’re both looking goofy. This can be the perfect accompaniment to cooking a lovely dinner or having a quiet drink together.

Go on a date

When guys think of dates, normally they think of dinner and a drink, which can honestly be a bit of a chore for them. Most guys simply don’t like being wined and dined as much as we do. That’s why you need to choose a date he’ll really enjoy. It could be a walk down the beach followed with a drink. It could be going to a sports game with him. Whatever it is, make him the focus.


5 fun date ideas for spring

1. Go for a hike
Regardless of where you live you can always find a beautiful area to discover. Grab those tennis shoes and reconnect while burning calories!

2. Do a beer tasting
It seems that no matter what our month looks like Dino Boy and I somehow always end up spending a day in wine country and while I know he loves wine, I also know he would much rather drink a cold beer. Why not learn more about his favorite drink?
3. Go kayaking
There is something so beautiful and peaceful about being out on the water. With the beautiful weather this is a great spring activity!
4. Go to a baseball game
This is also one of those activities we do a lot and I always love it. While I may not enjoy cheering on the Giants (Go Red Sox!) I do love spending an evening outside with Dino Boy sharing a mutual love for the game.
5. Go to a museum after dark
Discovering museums certainly isn’t just for kids! There are plenty of places now that offer “after dark passes” that allow you to come after 6 pm and enjoy the space with a cocktail and the company of other adults. There is nothing better than learning, drinking and sharing the fun with your partner!

What do you do as a date activity? 

Goals for the month of November

1. Be smarter about my money- I have been slowly trying to put more money into savings. I have an online shopping problem so putting that money into a savings account instead of my closet has been a rough transition. 
2. Actually put effort into my appearance- The fact that my makeup process revolves around the red lights on my way to work every morning is a serious problem. When I put more effort into my appearance I feel so much better. 

3. Eat healthier- I already cut out gluten and dairy but being smart about my day to day on the go snacks has been an issue. Lately I have been packing snacks in my purse and it is certainly helping me get better about not reaching for gas station snacks when I’m on the road. 

4. Cook dinner more often- Dino Boy is one of the best husbands ever. HE COOKS DINNER EVERY NIGHT!!! seriously how great is that?! It’s time for me to pick up the slack so he can relax after a rough day at work. 

5. Go on more dates with Dino Boy- The wedding is over and now it’s time to set up our newlywed every day life. We have been going on so many fun adventures lately and I’m so grateful for that!

My beach playlist

I am honeymooning with my favorite boy this week. Here are some of the tunes I’m listening to by the pool! What are your favorite poolside songs?

Wedding Wednesday- Becoming A Family

I’ll be honest I’m a hormonal mess right now. Pms on top of wedding nerves means that there is an 80% chance Dino Boy comes home to me crying and has to figure out if these are happy or sad tears. The other day I was a wreck because of quite possible the cutest moment. I logged into that fun wedding spreadsheet I blogged about last week and saw one of the best aha moments I’ve ever had looking at an excel spreadsheet. On the relationship box my favorite boy put in our spot “soon to be family” You would think that I just finished the end of The Notebook at that moment. After finally getting my breath back and fixing my permanent raccoon eyes ( I swear even waterproof mascara isn’t helping me right now!) I was once again reminded the reason of all of this craziness. I’m becoming a family. I’m going to join another mini unit, one to call my own. There is a reason this moment s so emotionally charged. You are becoming one, one mini little family. One man that will be in my life forever. If that doesn’t make you cry happy tears I don’t know what will.

My bridal shower tea!

My bridal shower was over the weekend and it was the most beautiful party. My sister and mom did a wonderful job throwing an elegant tea party that celebrated the upcoming nuptials. We had a fabulous cocktail in tea cups, shared stories about love and enjoyed each others company. Dino boy even made an appearance at the end giving me roses with something he loves about me attached to each flower. How sweet is that! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the event.

Dino Boy’s World Cup

By now you are all probably aware of the international soccer spectacle that has been taking place in Brazil. Yes, I am talking about the world cup. Dino Boy has been really into this world cup. Thankfully, most of the games are during the middle of the day throughout the week so I’m not constantly having to watch soccer, but our past few weekends have consisted of at least 2 afternoons of soccer. Thankfully, the tournament comes to a close this weekend and so I asked Dino Boy to do a post to help those of us who don’t understand, or care about soccer. Here’s what he has for us!

Soccer is one of those sports where I get really into it every four years. In case you’re wondering, curling is one of the other sports I get into every four years (winter Olympics) and then completely forget about. As a refresher, this is curling:

Yes, every four years I will watch grown men and women slide and sweep giant stones across ice.
I digress, back to soccer, or football as it’s called everywhere else in the world. The world cup is one of those great competitions where the entire world gets into. Some countries take it WAY more seriously than others. When the Americans were ousted from the competition many of us went back to no longer caring about soccer. However, the competition continued to march on without us.
The final four teams left in the completion played this past Tuesday and Wednesday, with Germany playing the host country Brazil and the Netherlands (AKA: Dutch, AKA: Holland) playing against Argentina. Brazil were favorites to take the cup, however, they were absolutely annihilated by the German powerhouse. Remember when I said some countries take the world cup way more seriously than we do? Check out these Brazilian reactions to their team losing:

This is the face of pure agony


Yes, the world cup is that serious to these people. With Germany’s 7-1 win over Brazil they earned a trip to the final this Sunday.
In the other Semifinal match it was Argentina vs The Netherlands. This game ended up going to penalty kicks to determine the winner. In soccer, you play 90 minutes. If the game is tied they play for another 30 minutes. If the game is still tied they go to penalty kicks. In the end Argentina ended up besting the Netherlands to earn their trip to the finals.
There will be two games this weekend, Saturday will see the Netherlands and Brazil play for the third place position (Netherlands is going to win) and Sunday will be the final game.
So, in preparation for the final games, here are some helpful tidbits and jargon to know to make you look like a world cup pro.

1.      Argentina has Lionel Messi playing for them, who is arguably the best player in the world (Cristiano Rinaldo is the other player who has a claim to being the best). Messi pretty much carries the Argentina team on his back.

2.      Germany don’t have Rinaldo or Messi, they have something better, a star studded team. Their nickname is “Die Mannschaft” or “the team”. They play like a team and they have been rolling through the competition.
3.      No European team has ever won a world cup when a Latin America team has been hosting. So, if Germany wins, it will be the first time that a European country wins the cup in a Latin America country.
4.      Soccer announcers are the best, they will get excited about anything and everything. Plus they all have some type of accent that just adds to the entertainment. Make sure the volume is up when watching.

5.      All soccer players have six packs and at the end of the game they switch jerseys, meaning they walk around shirtless. It will make your boyfriend feel very self-conscious 
6.      Just a fun tidbit, in soccer, a zero (0) is called nil. So instead of saying the score is zero-zero you say nil-nil. Personally, I like to pretend I have an English accent when saying it. I also look like a pretentious dick, so use this one with caution.
7.      It’s one of the one times where America can see other countries care about something the way we care about the super bowl.
8.      The countries are playing for this, a solid gold bad ass trophy

A lot of people watched the world cup up until the American’s lost in the knock out round. But last I checked, this is America, and we don’t quit. So this weekend, grab some snacks, pick a team, and see this World Cup through to the end!

The game for third place between Brazil and the Netherlands kicks off tomorrow at 4pm EST on ESPN. The final game between Germany and Argentina will kick off at 3pm EST on ABC on Sunday!

My pick for the winner? Germany

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