The Month Through My Phone

Watching our little Ella grow up has been such a fun ride but it seems to be happening so fast! I decided to do a little feature to show you all exactly what’s been going on in our home over the past month! 

Dino Boy and I were lucky enough to have a margarita date night while our little one slept!

While we have been making all kinds of decisions I have sent this over to Dino Boy at least a dozen times. Adulting is tough! 

This little one is always watching us with judgment! 

She’s starting to roll from side to side

The family that naps together stays happy!

I can’t believe this is less than three months apart! 

We celebrated national bourbon day with some Buffalo Trace

We have finally booked a trip to Disneyland so we have tested out noise canceling headphones for the munchkin to use for July 4th and our trip

Sent this little gem to my Dad this month. Did anyone else join Indian Princesses as a kid?

I love looking at those dimples! 

It’s a rare occasion when she smiles in the car seat!

Celebrating the Walnut Creek art and wine festival with grandma and grandpa

She’s starting to hold things!

Happy birthday Daddy! 

Festivities wore her out

This is how we stay cool these days

Happy wear your lilly day! Daddy is screwed with the upcoming sale! 

Pooped from Father’s Day! 

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