Where To Apply Perfume

I am a little bit of a weirdo but I love the smell of Burberry’s mens
cologne called Burberry Touch. I wear it every day and I always get compliments
on it, I never have the heart to tell people it’s meant for dudes. I
think it’s light enough to classify as a unisex scent but that’s just
me! I have finally figured out how to properly apply it though! I am
the worst at hair, makeup and all that as I wasn’t super girly until
recently so I thought maybe this information would be useful to
another reformed tomboy!

Burberry Touch By Burberry For Men
First, to make the perfume last the longest be sure to store the
bottle in a cool dry spot.
Second, if you have the time apply Vaseline to all the spots you will
spray to help hold the scent there all day.
Spray your perfume before you get dressed. This will help with
staining and locking in the scent on freshly moisturized skin
You know how you have always been spraying and then dabbing your
wrists? Don’t do that! You will make the fragrance change smell and
If you don’t want it to be a light scent spray into the air and then
walk through.
Pick a couple spots on your body to spray. Here are some examples:
On your wrists
Inside your elbows
On your neck
Behind your knees
On your ankles
There you have it! What’s your signature scent?

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