Love Dining Out? Here’s How to Do It More Often

Everyone loves to eat out on special occasions. Whether it’s a time to celebrate, for someone’s birthday party or even just to get together with friends, eating out cuts out a lot of the hard work involved in creating a fantastic night. You don’t have to worry about cooking, you don’t need to coordinate your wine with your meals, and the location is usually atmospheric, luxurious and a lot of fun.

However, eating out can be rather expensive. It’s not uncommon to spend upwards of hundreds just on the night alone. With the cost of the meal, drinks and travel, you could easily spend a week’s worth of groceries on a single night out at a restaurant. But fear not! Because we’ve compiled a couple of tips to help you get the most out of your nights out and ways to save money wherever possible whenever.

Get a Rewards Card

Whether it’s a restaurant owned reward scheme that gives you discounts and bonuses for visiting regularly, or simply a dining rewards credit card that you use to pay for your meal, there are plenty of ways to save money through spending. Most reward cards will offer you a free meal, drink or extras such as another side. Although it doesn’t seem much, the rewards do add up and if you’re visiting a spot regularly then you’ll be surprised at how often you get your freebies.

Aim For Happy Hour

Most restaurants and bars have happy hours where food and drink are cheaper. Restaurants usually offer some fantastic deals at certain times, but this varies depending on the establishment you visit and it also depends greatly on when you’re available to go eat. You can search online for restaurants near you that offer happy hour or cheaper deals depending on the time.

Sign Up For Deals

There are dozens of websites on the internet that work together with restaurants near you to offer you fantastic deals. It’s not uncommon to see deals of up to 20% or more off when a new place opens and they want to get as much attention as possible. Sign up for these websites, have a browse on your break at work, and pick a location to eat at that sounds new, trendy, and comes with great savings. Most of these deals can be set up to be sent straight to your inbox, making it very convenient.

Skip Starters and Drinks

Restaurants make a lot of money by selling you expensive drinks and starters. If you’re after the main meal, then make it a habit to skip the starters, soda, wine and so on. Not only does this save you a hefty chunk of money each time you go out, but it’s also better for your health because you will be consuming fewer calories whenever you got out. Some restaurants are kind enough to let you bring your own drinks, but if they don’t, then simply ask for water or bring your own water bottle—they usually won’t complain about it.

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