Looking Good Without Costing The Earth

Looking good at any cost is not an attractive option for most of us these days. The cost to us, personally, is not all that matters. The cost to others and the environment is also of concern.

Now there are many ways that you can do good whilst looking good and that has to be the way forward for the industry. Here are some top tips for shopping for next season’s wardrobe with a conscience.


Shop local if you can

Supporting your local shops is fun, convenient and ethical. If the goods are produced locally then that is even better. You are pumping much-needed cash into the local economy and cutting down on transport costs. You often get a more personal service and you get to build up a relationship with the shop owner. They may even give you a discount the next time you call in!

Don’t insist on new stuff

Why do you have to buy everything new? The wastage in the clothes industry is huge and that is because we insist on having new clothes. It can be new to us, even if it has been worn by someone else a few times. The chances are that brand new dress from the store has been tried on by a few people anyway.

Resale shops are the top place to bag a bargain and to donate some money to a good cause. You need to shop with an open mind. Be prepared to grab whatever takes your fancy. It will not work if you are looking for a particular color or a particular style because resale shopping doesn’t work like that. However, it is possible to put together a fantastic outfit for a fraction of what it would cost you as new. They are also a great place to pick up accessories that, in many cases, have never been used.

Consider the carbon footprint of your goods

You don’t want your new look to cost the earth so don’t let it. You can look up the world’s largest companies’ impact on global climate easily these days. Think about things like carbon emissions and how seriously the company takes environmental concerns and fair pay. Some of the results may shock you and make you think twice about where you buy your next outfit from.

Recycle your own stuff

When you are fed up of an item of clothing you have a few options. You can throw it away but that is wasteful and not good for the environment. You can swap it with a friend and this works very well if you have similar tastes and are of a similar stature. You can sell it online or you could donate it to a local resale store. Finally, you can recycle it!

All you have to do is buy some fabric dye and you have a whole new outfit. If you are feeling creative you could add new buttons, remove sleeves or add lace panel; the options are endless. You will have a sense of achievement as well as doing the right thing!


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