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Looking Good Without Costing The Earth

Looking good at any cost is not an attractive option for most of us these days. The cost to us, personally, is not all that matters. The cost to others and the environment is also of concern.

Now there are many ways that you can do good whilst looking good and that has to be the way forward for the industry. Here are some top tips for shopping for next season’s wardrobe with a conscience.


Shop local if you can

Supporting your local shops is fun, convenient and ethical. If the goods are produced locally then that is even better. You are pumping much-needed cash into the local economy and cutting down on transport costs. You often get a more personal service and you get to build up a relationship with the shop owner. They may even give you a discount the next time you call in!

Don’t insist on new stuff

Why do you have to buy everything new? The wastage in the clothes industry is huge and that is because we insist on having new clothes. It can be new to us, even if it has been worn by someone else a few times. The chances are that brand new dress from the store has been tried on by a few people anyway.

Resale shops are the top place to bag a bargain and to donate some money to a good cause. You need to shop with an open mind. Be prepared to grab whatever takes your fancy. It will not work if you are looking for a particular color or a particular style because resale shopping doesn’t work like that. However, it is possible to put together a fantastic outfit for a fraction of what it would cost you as new. They are also a great place to pick up accessories that, in many cases, have never been used.

Consider the carbon footprint of your goods

You don’t want your new look to cost the earth so don’t let it. You can look up the world’s largest companies’ impact on global climate easily these days. Think about things like carbon emissions and how seriously the company takes environmental concerns and fair pay. Some of the results may shock you and make you think twice about where you buy your next outfit from.

Recycle your own stuff

When you are fed up of an item of clothing you have a few options. You can throw it away but that is wasteful and not good for the environment. You can swap it with a friend and this works very well if you have similar tastes and are of a similar stature. You can sell it online or you could donate it to a local resale store. Finally, you can recycle it!

All you have to do is buy some fabric dye and you have a whole new outfit. If you are feeling creative you could add new buttons, remove sleeves or add lace panel; the options are endless. You will have a sense of achievement as well as doing the right thing!


What to pack in a beach bag

It’s finally time for summer vacations and I pulled out my beach bag from last year and was ready to plan a tropical vacation! I love to fully stock my bag at the beginning of each season so I am ready to go at any time! What do you put in your beach bag? Here’s what’s in my bag:

I love a canvas tote for the beach, it’s a simple classic look plus it’s super easy to clean!

Prep Tote

I try to pick a fun towel so I can spot ours from the water. I try to convince Dino Boy new towels are good navigating devices, I always know where we are!


Beach Please Striped Beach Towel

This year I need to get rid of my old skimpy ones from my skinny days and find a new fun one. I have been loving all the fun one pieces and the retro two pieces. They cover all my problem areas!


Sea One Piece Swimsuit

Cover ups help make that transition off the beach a little bit easier, I try to find a dressy one that I can wear it even when I’m not going swimming!


Brielle Coverup

This sunscreen smells delicious and it doesn’t leave my skin greasy and irritated after!


COOLA Matte Tint SPF30 Mineral BB Cream & Liplux SPF30

A floppy hat is my favorite! I love the funky touch; I feel it brings everything together.

Marcella Floppy Hat

Flip-flops are a necessity. I hate walking around with gritty feet so I make sure to hose my feet down before putting them on.

Havaianas - Slim Flip Flops (Red) Women's Sandals

Dino Boy and I joke that we go to the same place but we vacation separately. I am a magazine by the water kind of girl and he is certainly a snorkel all over the place kind of guy! I like to save my magazines for car rides and beachside reading.


HGTV Magazine - Annual Subscription Sale - June 2017

I don’t wear makeup when I’m out on the water but I always make sure to bring chapstick. There is nothing worse than coming home with a tan but super dry cracked lips

Mineral Liplux  Spf30 - Skinny Dip

Get the Most out of Your Shopping Trips

For some, shopping is a treat. It is a day out. It is a fun experience. It is chance for some retail therapy. For others, it is laborious. It is a dreaded and unenviable task. But rest assured, no matter what side of this divide you fall on there are always ways for you to get the most out of every shopping trip you make.


Whether you like shopping or not, it never hurts to go into the trip fully aware of what it is that you want to buy. Going into the trip knowing what it is you’re after is half the battle won already. To do so, you should do your research online beforehand. You should do your research on the item you want, where it is stocked, and how much it is priced at. There are price comparison websites, such as Idealo, that will help you get a heads up on the best place and the best price to find your desired item. In doing such research you stop yourself from wandering aimlessly around a shop, or multiple shops, trying to find your stuff. Similarly, by focusing yourself on an item and not allowing your focus to waiver you also eradicate the problem that is wandering aimlessly. By doing so those that love shopping can get the most out of their experience and visit more shops. And it means those that hate it can get in and get out quickly!

Of course, for many people getting the most out of a shopping trip means getting the items they shop for as cheap as possible. And — shh! — these little secrets can help you do just that the next time you plan a shopping trip. One such secret is that there are always discount codes hiding somewhere, you just have to find them. For instance, an unusual sign or number on item’s tag may indicate that the item is in fact about to drop in price. If you like the look of an item, and see something on its tag that is out of the ordinary, you should most certainly hold back on buying it. You should hold back and wait to see if it does in fact come down in price, because if you don’t you will be left kicking yourself that you paid full price. Another little secret that the shops don’t want you to know comes in the form of haggling. Specifically, if an online marketplace that you log on to incorporates live chat technology, then you should most certainly use it and do all you can to haggle with the prices. You never know, you could get money knocked off.

Whether it is a novelty item or a birthday present that you are after. Whether it is retail therapy in the form of clothes shopping that takes your fancy. Or whether it is food shopping that you need to do. There are always ways to get the most out of every single shopping trip you make. You just have to be willing to put the work in beforehand, stay focussed, and be attentive to deals!


Love Dining Out? Here’s How to Do It More Often

Everyone loves to eat out on special occasions. Whether it’s a time to celebrate, for someone’s birthday party or even just to get together with friends, eating out cuts out a lot of the hard work involved in creating a fantastic night. You don’t have to worry about cooking, you don’t need to coordinate your wine with your meals, and the location is usually atmospheric, luxurious and a lot of fun.

However, eating out can be rather expensive. It’s not uncommon to spend upwards of hundreds just on the night alone. With the cost of the meal, drinks and travel, you could easily spend a week’s worth of groceries on a single night out at a restaurant. But fear not! Because we’ve compiled a couple of tips to help you get the most out of your nights out and ways to save money wherever possible whenever.

Get a Rewards Card

Whether it’s a restaurant owned reward scheme that gives you discounts and bonuses for visiting regularly, or simply a dining rewards credit card that you use to pay for your meal, there are plenty of ways to save money through spending. Most reward cards will offer you a free meal, drink or extras such as another side. Although it doesn’t seem much, the rewards do add up and if you’re visiting a spot regularly then you’ll be surprised at how often you get your freebies.

Aim For Happy Hour

Most restaurants and bars have happy hours where food and drink are cheaper. Restaurants usually offer some fantastic deals at certain times, but this varies depending on the establishment you visit and it also depends greatly on when you’re available to go eat. You can search online for restaurants near you that offer happy hour or cheaper deals depending on the time.

Sign Up For Deals

There are dozens of websites on the internet that work together with restaurants near you to offer you fantastic deals. It’s not uncommon to see deals of up to 20% or more off when a new place opens and they want to get as much attention as possible. Sign up for these websites, have a browse on your break at work, and pick a location to eat at that sounds new, trendy, and comes with great savings. Most of these deals can be set up to be sent straight to your inbox, making it very convenient.

Skip Starters and Drinks

Restaurants make a lot of money by selling you expensive drinks and starters. If you’re after the main meal, then make it a habit to skip the starters, soda, wine and so on. Not only does this save you a hefty chunk of money each time you go out, but it’s also better for your health because you will be consuming fewer calories whenever you got out. Some restaurants are kind enough to let you bring your own drinks, but if they don’t, then simply ask for water or bring your own water bottle—they usually won’t complain about it.

5 Gifts To Celebrate Star Wars Day


Loungefly Star Wars Dark Side Tote

Star Wars Stormtrooper Character Apron

Star Wars White Wampa RugStar Wars Darth Vader Nerf Lightsaber

Star Wars R2D2 Beep Boop Tote Bag


Where To Apply Perfume

I am a little bit of a weirdo but I love the smell of Burberry’s mens
cologne called Burberry Touch. I wear it every day and I always get compliments
on it, I never have the heart to tell people it’s meant for dudes. I
think it’s light enough to classify as a unisex scent but that’s just
me! I have finally figured out how to properly apply it though! I am
the worst at hair, makeup and all that as I wasn’t super girly until
recently so I thought maybe this information would be useful to
another reformed tomboy!

Burberry Touch By Burberry For Men
First, to make the perfume last the longest be sure to store the
bottle in a cool dry spot.
Second, if you have the time apply Vaseline to all the spots you will
spray to help hold the scent there all day.
Spray your perfume before you get dressed. This will help with
staining and locking in the scent on freshly moisturized skin
You know how you have always been spraying and then dabbing your
wrists? Don’t do that! You will make the fragrance change smell and
If you don’t want it to be a light scent spray into the air and then
walk through.
Pick a couple spots on your body to spray. Here are some examples:
On your wrists
Inside your elbows
On your neck
Behind your knees
On your ankles
There you have it! What’s your signature scent?

Recreate Looks From The Met Gala For Less!

Alison Williams

Badgley Mischka - Drape Front Black White Gown (Black Light) Women's Dress

The black and white accents in both of these gowns add an edgy appeal while making it worth the investment as a classic piece!

Daisy Ridley

Aidan Mattox - Bustier Top with Printed Party Skirt (Black/Multi) Women's Skirt

This is the perfect warm weather dress for spring. The bustier and skirt set adds a flirty flair to Daisy Ridley’s style.

Emma Roberts

ABS Allen Schwartz - Double Strap Open Back Mermaid Dress (Red) Women's Dress

Red is always a showstopper. The straps show off your shoulders while the mermaid bottom adds a little retro curve. 


Leslie Mann

Unique Vintage - Beaded Gigi Flapper Dress (White) Women's Dress

The flapper-inspired look will always be one of my favorites! I love the sparkle layered look and the bobby pin retro waves are gorgeous!   

Lily Rose Depp

Nicole Miller - Queen of the Night Viscose Gerogette Dress (Neon Pink) Women's Dress

Can we talk about how incredible this color is?! It’s the perfect dress to wear for prom or a spring time formal wedding! 

Laura Dern

ZAC Zac Posen - Claire Gown (Navy) Women's Dress 
This navy piece is an incredible statement. Show off your summer body with this trendy and will make you turn some heads!