Chain Reaction: Four Pieces Your Jewelry Box Needs

While many of us spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every single year perfecting our wardrobes we often don’t pay the same courtesy to our jewelry. Successfully matching your accessories to outfits takes time, as well as a willingness not only to buy pieces that reflect current trends i.e. statement earrings, chain necklaces and Pandora charm bracelets but also owning classic must-have jewelry that’s fantastic for day-to-day wear and special occasions.

Precious Gems

Diamonds may be the obvious choice here, after all, nothing says style and sophistication like a pair of teardrop earrings, solitaire ring or a sparkly diamond necklace. However, other gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are just as enchanting as well as being a little easier on your wallet. Gemstone jewelry’s very popular, birthstone necklace and bracelet sets are particularly pretty, but it’s also worth noting that not all gems are created equal. When buying precious gem jewelry always ask to see their certificate of authenticity as there’s a vast, thriving market for passing off colored cubic zirconia, or even pieces of glass as the real deal so if the price seems too good to be true then it’s probably fake.

Stacked Glass Ring

Go-To Necklaces

No matter whether you’re wearing it to dinner, at a picnic with friends or to a gig every woman needs to have a go-to necklace. It’s suitable for almost any occasion; you know it goes with ninety percent of your outfits and elevating them from just ok to extra special as well as bringing the look together. Don’t just stick to single strand, or bar necklaces as layering one, or more necklace on top of each other really makes an outfit pop. Different beads and contrasting metals showcase your unique style, and brighten up even the plainest of outfits including jeans and t-shirt combos that can, on their own, look quite dull.  


Pearl Mesh Statement Necklace

Tennis Bracelets

Perfect for work, networking or social events tennis bracelets are functional, linear and elegant as well as being a jewelry box staple every woman should own. Not only do they look just stunning by themselves, but it’ll also draw the eye to any designer watch, cocktail ring or bracelet cuff you may be wearing. A diamond tennis bracelet doesn’t really need anything beside it; because it’ll stand out and look amazing completely by itself. When wearing one, do remember to keep your arm free of too many accessories and vintage jewelry, so you don’t take the focus off of this classic, super stylish item.


Diamond Swirl Tennis Bracelet

Stacked Rings

What were once only seen in bridal sets is now common in fashion jewelry, and many stores sell stacking rings, either as pre-designed sets or as individual rings you have the freedom to mix and match. The best ring stacks are those that either complement or contrast thanks to different metals, sizes, and colors as well as adding extra sparkle to a casual, laidback look such as a butterfly tea dress, slouchy waterfall cardigan, and purple ankle boots. Ring stack collections are brilliant as over the years; you’ll find yourself changing up the order, and marking milestones like marriage, promotion and having a baby with new rings.

Robyn Ring Set in Gold

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