Beauty(ful) Disasters and How To Fix Them

Your wobbling hand is holding a mascara brush, and you slip, smearing a black line across your perfectly-eye shadowed eyelid.

You make the sudden decision to cut your own hair, knowing it’s not a good idea but unable to resist the pull of the scissors. Snip snip snip, your hair falls to the floor and you suddenly realize how big of an error you have made.

In a question for the perfect eyebrows, you tweeze and pluck and shape – to the point where you have almost no eyebrows left.

No judgment here; the above are just three examples of the multitude of beauty mistakes thousands of women make every year. Sometimes, against our better knowledge, we do something we know we shouldn’t – or we have an accident that we can’t prevent. It’s human nature to be fallible, and we all have those moments we later live to regret.

It seems there is no point counseling against these things happening. After all, no one willingly elects to do something that spoils their appearance. The key to mastering this is in the cleanup; the techniques you can use to at least look more presentable to the world!

Beauty(ful) Disasters and How To Fix Them

What You Did: Overplucked Your Eyebrows Into Nothingness

How It Looks: Like your face has no frame, no definition, and your forehead goes on for miles.

How You Fix It:

In the short term, you can use something like use Etude drawing eyebrow pencils to at least create the illusion of brows. Long term… well, it’s a difficult one to fix. You may find that, once the eyebrow hairs have been plucked once too often, they simply won’t grow back. There are creams which can encourage growth or you could go natural with castor oil, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll work.

What You Did: Cut Your Own Hair

How It Looks: Kind of exactly as you’d expect – not good. Hairdressing is a profession for a reason; it’s not the kind of thing a layperson should be attempting.

How You Fix It:

Wear a hat?

Or, swallow your pride and go and visit a hairdresser. Confess what you did, promise not to do it again and turn your locks over to them to create something resembling a deliberate style. You might have to go shorter than you intended, but perhaps that will be a lesson to you in future: leave the scissors alone!

What You Did: Accidentally got mascara everywhere on your face other than your eyelashes..

How It Looks: Like you’ve been crying or, at the very least, auditioning for a role as a human panda.

How You Fix It:

If you have no other makeup on, then just remove as normal. But let’s be realistic, most of the time this will happen with at least minimal eyeshadow in place and perhaps foundation and eyeliner too. If you don’t want a total redo, then try soaking a cotton tip in makeup remover and dabbing away small sections at a time. Your eyeshadow might need a bit of touching up, but it’s better than having to start afresh from scratch.

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