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Be Proud Of Your Body & Love Your Curves

Whether you’ve always had a fuller figure or your body has changed since having your children, it’s important that you learn to embrace it for what it is. There will always be a woman that weighs less than you, that has more definition than you, that is a smaller dress size than you, but that’s okay because if we were all the same, the world would be a boring place. Whatever your dress size and body shape, you need to learn to love yourself for who you are, of course, for many of us that’s easier said than done. The good news is that it is possible to learn to love your curves, it’s just a case of knowing the steps to take. So, to help get you started and give your confidence the boost it needs, below are some tips and ideas for learning to love your body shape.

Get inspired

20 years ago, the women who ruled magazines and catwalks were stick thin. Today, however, you see women of all shapes and sizes on the catwalks and in magazines, because the world is a much more accepting place. We’ve realized that beauty isn’t defined by size or shape. This means that when it comes to getting inspired to love your body for its curves, it’s a lot easier because there’s inspiration all around. From Kim Kardashian to Adele and America Ferrera, today there are a lot of curvy celebrities, and that’s fantastic. So, take some time to have a browse online and find a celebrity with a similar body shape to yours and use them as your inspiration. It’s amazing how much self-esteem seeing a celebrity with your body shape up on a catwalk or in a magazine can bring.

Dress to suit your style

Again and again we’re told to dress to suit our body size and shape, but actually, we should be being told to dress in a style that we love. Sure, a lot of people think that certain looks look better on certain body types, but if you love a style and feel good wearing it, then there’s no need to worry about what you should and shouldn’t be wearing, is there? Wear what you feel good in and don’t worry about what other people say because if you feel confident in an outfit, you will rock it.

Pick pieces that fit you well

Now, it’s all well and good wearing whatever style you love, but what you don’t want to do is wearing clothing that doesn’t fit you well. When you shop off the rack, sometimes finding the perfect pieces to create a certain look is impossible. There are at least ten different body types, which means that it’s impossible for stores to cater to everyone’s needs. So, the answer is to find a good tailor, so that you can have every item that you buy and that doesn’t fit right altered to ensure it offers a perfect fit. Having to get your clothes altered can be annoying, but at least it means they will look how you want them to. Another option is to look for brands that sell clothing made specifically for your body type, like Tutti Rouge for instance, that sells luxury underwear and swimwear for fuller figures. Sometimes, to get the look that you want, you have to be willing to do a little research into the best place to find well fitting pieces.

Flaunt the parts you love

We all have areas of our bodies that we love, so find out what yours are and flaunt them. Were you blessed with gorgeous legs? Show them off girl! Do you have a tiny waist? Don’t be afraid to flaunt it! Is your bust beautiful? There’s nothing wrong with showing a little bit of cleavage. Got a peachy behind? Pick a stretchy skirt or pair of jeans that really showcase it. Got a lovely little waist, pick a high-waisted skirt that skims your curvaceous hips and shows off your tiny waist. Are you crazy about your bust? Pick a dress that shows off a little boobage. Find the parts of your body that you love and pick outfits that allow you to flaunt them – your confidence will increase because of it, that’s a promise!

Learning to love your body for what it is isn’t always easy, and isn’t something that happens overnight. However, by taking note of the tips and advice above, you can make the process of being proud of your curves a little easier for yourself.

Sunday Saying: Big Little Lies

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Is Your Child A Fussy Eater? Conquer That Hurdle!

Not a lot of us are too sure about why our children develop eating habits and become fussy eaters. There are different theories and discussions about why this frustrating habit occurs but in the end, there is no definitive answer as to why children suddenly – rather than gradually – become fussy eaters. We all know that when our children were young, babies even, that they would attempt to eat pretty much anything that we would put in front of them or give to them. Then, suddenly, one day when we give our children their lunch or breakfast or dinner, they reject the food in front of them – leaving us confused and (we all have to admit it) a bit frustrated that all our hard work in preparing and cooking their food has gone to waste.

Is Your Child A Fussy Eater? Conquer That Hurdle!

When a child refuses food, it is very easy to open the fridge and give them their favorite snacks such as raspberries, strawberries, yogurts or cheese. But, in the hope of fending off any more potential fussy eating, we must stick to the food we had initially given to them and we should not give in even when a temper tantrum ensues. Yes, it can be difficult and even heartbreaking to see your child upset but one bit of determination from you can lead to happier eating times and less frustration and less wasted food – which can also save you a lot of money.

Children do tend to learn things very quickly and when they develop fussy eating habits, it may be because they have seen you take a bite out of a chocolate bar, or you have just eaten one of the foods that they like whilst you were preparing their meal. Once they know the food that they like is available, they may start to get irritated and frustrated that you are not giving to them and refuse the food you have prepared.

A good way of eliminating any eating habits which you do not approve of is to remove the meal that your child is refusing and blend it up using a food processor so it will be easier to eat for your child. If you have not got a processor, you may want to do some research on what ones would work best for you on Once your child’s food is blended up, you could pretend to put their favorite snacks or smaller foods into their bowl or onto their plate so that they will think that they will want to eat now that the food they wanted is in there. You could also pretend to eat a bit of their food, giving your approval as to how good it tastes. There is almost a complete guarantee that they will want to try, and attempt to eat, their meal after that. A parent’s approval for a child is always a good thing which they will seek.

Fussy eating habits can also stem from your child spending a lot of time with other children. If they see another child being fussy, they can easily pick up on it and will attempt to try it with you – to see if it will work.

However, when a child develops fussy eating habits, they will not last forever. Most habits in a child wane away after a few months (even though some particular habits can last for longer) and as your child grows up, becomes more mature, and experiences more things in life, they will no longer dislike certain foods that they used to reject. Think of foods that you used to dislike when you were younger. They probably comprised of a lot of fruit and vegetables and exotic tasting dishes which your taste buds were not used to. But, now, you probably love all that stuff and have done for years.

As a parent, it is important that our children do not overpower us and that we are sure that we have control over their eating habits, diet, and health. Poor eating habits can result in slow energy, weight gain and can even affect mental capacity. Ensure your child eats a varied and diverse diet with plenty of vitamins to enable them to be healthy and free of any potential diet-related illnesses. All parents have to deal with children who are fussy eaters at some point, so when it happens be aware that there are other parents out there going through the same frustrating time as you and will probably be taking the same steps.

Beauty(ful) Disasters and How To Fix Them

Your wobbling hand is holding a mascara brush, and you slip, smearing a black line across your perfectly-eye shadowed eyelid.

You make the sudden decision to cut your own hair, knowing it’s not a good idea but unable to resist the pull of the scissors. Snip snip snip, your hair falls to the floor and you suddenly realize how big of an error you have made.

In a question for the perfect eyebrows, you tweeze and pluck and shape – to the point where you have almost no eyebrows left.

No judgment here; the above are just three examples of the multitude of beauty mistakes thousands of women make every year. Sometimes, against our better knowledge, we do something we know we shouldn’t – or we have an accident that we can’t prevent. It’s human nature to be fallible, and we all have those moments we later live to regret.

It seems there is no point counseling against these things happening. After all, no one willingly elects to do something that spoils their appearance. The key to mastering this is in the cleanup; the techniques you can use to at least look more presentable to the world!

Beauty(ful) Disasters and How To Fix Them

What You Did: Overplucked Your Eyebrows Into Nothingness

How It Looks: Like your face has no frame, no definition, and your forehead goes on for miles.

How You Fix It:

In the short term, you can use something like use Etude drawing eyebrow pencils to at least create the illusion of brows. Long term… well, it’s a difficult one to fix. You may find that, once the eyebrow hairs have been plucked once too often, they simply won’t grow back. There are creams which can encourage growth or you could go natural with castor oil, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll work.

What You Did: Cut Your Own Hair

How It Looks: Kind of exactly as you’d expect – not good. Hairdressing is a profession for a reason; it’s not the kind of thing a layperson should be attempting.

How You Fix It:

Wear a hat?

Or, swallow your pride and go and visit a hairdresser. Confess what you did, promise not to do it again and turn your locks over to them to create something resembling a deliberate style. You might have to go shorter than you intended, but perhaps that will be a lesson to you in future: leave the scissors alone!

What You Did: Accidentally got mascara everywhere on your face other than your eyelashes..

How It Looks: Like you’ve been crying or, at the very least, auditioning for a role as a human panda.

How You Fix It:

If you have no other makeup on, then just remove as normal. But let’s be realistic, most of the time this will happen with at least minimal eyeshadow in place and perhaps foundation and eyeliner too. If you don’t want a total redo, then try soaking a cotton tip in makeup remover and dabbing away small sections at a time. Your eyeshadow might need a bit of touching up, but it’s better than having to start afresh from scratch.

Salad Left On The Table Again? Easy Ways To Give It Some New Life

I don’t know about you, but I end up throwing away the salad half the time after dinner. People tend to eat their main meal and skip adding any salad to their dish. But it’s so healthy that it does need to be consumed alongside your main meal. After all, it’s giving you vital nutrients you need to stay healthy. Often, one of the top reasons why people leave the salad is due to it being boring. After all, it doesn’t have much flavor, and people prefer to eat their scrumptious dish instead. Therefore, to ensure the salad doesn’t get left on the table in future, here are some easy ways to give it some new life.

Chop up bread in the salad

Everyone loves to have some bread with their dinner. After all, it can make your dinner even tastier if you have a nice sauce. But rather than putting it on the dish, you might want to consider chopping up the bread in the salad. Cut it into fine bits which you can dot around the salad. Therefore, it will look a lot more delicious, and your family are more likely to add the salad to their dish. If you want to make it even tastier, you could even consider toasting the bread before adding it to the salad. It will give it a new flavor, and make it even more, crunchier when you are consuming the salad!

Add in some fruit and vegetables

While you might already have foods like tomato and peppers in your salad, it can still make it taste rather boring. Therefore, if you want to give it a new lease of life, you could consider adding in some fruit and vegetables. After all, adding carrots, sweet potato, and even mango will make it a lot tastier. And as long as you have a good set of kitchen knives, which is an interesting topic, you can ensure they are small enough pieces to make it the perfect salad. It can also make the salad even healthier if you do go for fruit and vegetables. Therefore, try different ones and see which ones go down well with your family.


Serve it as the main dish


Rather than having a salad as a side dish, you could consider serving a salad as a main meal. After all, you can add foods like meat or fish to ensure it becomes a tasty dinner. And it’s the perfect way to ensure your family has the healthy salad to get all the nutrients they need. In fact, a salad as a main dish would be perfect when summer arrives, and you want to eat lighter. Or you are opting to eat healthier meals as you are expecting a baby. Therefore, try it for dinner for your family to see if they will tuck in. Here are some delicious salad dishes that might take your fancy.


And remember to try a fun dressing to ensure your family tuck into the salad. A creamy classic dressing might be the key to getting your family to help themselves to the salad!

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