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Why Less Really Is More: The Smart Girl’s Guide To Wearing Make Up

Just what is it about make up that women love so much? For a start, it could be the fact that it allows us to express our natural creativity, lets us experiment with color and helps to enhance our best features, be it our eyes, lips or cheeks.

However, MAC standard make up looks don’t happen overnight, unless you’ve splashed on permanent products offered by companies such as Belcara Health. At some point, everyone’s had an eyeliner disaster or ended up looking distinctly orange thanks to the wrong shade of foundation. But by following some simple guidelines, you’ll soon be able to create a collection of go-to looks that’ll take you from work to a posh event and even onto the beach!

A Good Foundation


Before you apply any product to your face make sure it’s clean, use face wipes if you aren’t sure, followed by your usual toning and moisturizing routine. Next up, visit the make up counter and pick a shade of foundation that matches your skin tone, check this in natural light as indoor lighting is quite harsh, gently rub it in and if blends smoothly you’ve got a winner! Any yellow, orange or pink color showing through? Try something else and then set with a powder that isn’t too oily or thick for your skin

The Eyes Have It:


Next, it’s time for eyeliner so try to pick something that’s not too heavy; you don’t want to look like Morticia Adams, sweep it along the waterline a couple of times, apply mascara and your chosen eyeshadow before applying your eyeliner to your upper lid. You’ve probably seen winged eyeliner looks on YouTube but only attempt these after a bit of practice – they can be tricky. Eyeshadow should compliment the look you’re after for example; a smoky eye should equal a light lip but pair a brighter lip with a more natural eyeshadow.

Beautiful Blush


You want to apply a swirl of blush onto your cheeks, use a blusher brush and sweep from the cheekbone to the nose in a downwards motion and then blend. There are dozens of blusher shades out there but if in any doubt look to the time of year, use copper in autumn, apple pink in winter, pastel pink in spring and golden bronze in summer.

Read My Lips


There should be an award for applying lipstick, especially pillar box red, as it isn’t the easiest of tasks. You’ll want to pick a shade that suits your skin tone; warmer skin tones look great with orange, peach and red shades whereas cooler skin tones suit pastel pinks, plums, and blue hued products. However, experiment and see what’s right for you as sometimes you’ll be surprised at what works and what doesn’t.

Line and rim your lips with a lip pencil in a matching color, no clown lips here, and then apply the color to the bottom lip first, followed by the top lip. Gently rub your lips together to make sure the color’s even and blot the excess away with a tissue.