An Easy Guide To Looking Like You’ve Made An Effort

As women, it’s our prerogative to always want to look the best we can. For some women that comes more naturally – I swear some girls just wake up in the morning with the perfect winged eyeliner and sleek locks. Some of us have to work that little bit harder to look chic and put together. Here are a few little tips for how to dress to impress with minimal effort.

Choose your style


Once you know what suits you, buy variations on that theme. If you’re all about skinny jeans and big-knit sweaters, buy loads of them in different colors. Cute tees in a variety of colors go with almost anything, and dresses are particularly great as you don’t have to worry about what trousers to pair them with. Outfits are effortless when you know that everything in your wardrobe looks good together.

Invest in good shoes


Footwear really ties a look together, without you having to spend a whole lot of time on it. If all else fails, killer heels will show you mean business.

Go for natural make-up


When time is of the essence, go for the make-up essentials – foundation, eyeliner, mascara, blusher, and a bit of red lipstick. You’ll look classy and flawless, but not overdone.

Do your hair

I’m not talking about a full chignon up-do, nobody has time for that first thing in the morning. Find a style that suits you, and that you can achieve within your time frame. A high ponytail, cute bun, or tousled waves are great styles that look like they took time and effort but actually take very little. Dry shampoo is an absolute must for those mornings that washing your hair seems too much effort, and if all else fails make sure you’ve invested in some cute hats.

Dress for your figure


It sounds obvious, but poorly fitting clothes will make you look frumpy or disheveled. Choose clothes that fit well and suit your body shape, and stick to these as staples.

Wear all black


For the days when nothing seems to work, make sure you have a few black options in your wardrobe as back up. An all black outfit with great jewelry screams sophistication.



Behind all great outfits are great accessories. You can either go for classy silver jewelry, or go bold with statement necklaces and rings. You may find that intricate opal jewelry is the way to go, or bright jewels and metals might be more your thing. Accessories really give you the chance to experiment with your look.

Look after your clothes


If you let your clothes get misshapen and tired, it’ll drag your style down. Follow the washing instructions, keep your clothes ironed, use a lint roller, and you’ll always look sharp.

As you can see, just a little bit of effort goes a long way when it comes to looking classy and put together. Find what suits you, invest in some beautiful jewelry and fashionable shoes, and away you go. Just always remember the red lippy.

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