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Ugly Christmas Sweaters For 50% Off!

Boohoo has 50 percent off everything today! Can we talk about how cute these ugly christmas sweaters are? They are perfect for the holiday season and at a super affordable price! Use code: friyay50  for 50% your purchase! 

Ella Meowy Christmas Jumper

Emmy Santa's Coming Christmas Jumper

Erin Ya Filthy Muggle Christmas Jumper

Sally Santa Print Swing Christmas Dress

Snoopy Fairisle Christmas Dog Jumper

Tilly Dear Santa...I Did Try Christmas Jumper

An Easy Guide To Looking Like You’ve Made An Effort

As women, it’s our prerogative to always want to look the best we can. For some women that comes more naturally – I swear some girls just wake up in the morning with the perfect winged eyeliner and sleek locks. Some of us have to work that little bit harder to look chic and put together. Here are a few little tips for how to dress to impress with minimal effort.

Choose your style


Once you know what suits you, buy variations on that theme. If you’re all about skinny jeans and big-knit sweaters, buy loads of them in different colors. Cute tees in a variety of colors go with almost anything, and dresses are particularly great as you don’t have to worry about what trousers to pair them with. Outfits are effortless when you know that everything in your wardrobe looks good together.

Invest in good shoes


Footwear really ties a look together, without you having to spend a whole lot of time on it. If all else fails, killer heels will show you mean business.

Go for natural make-up


When time is of the essence, go for the make-up essentials – foundation, eyeliner, mascara, blusher, and a bit of red lipstick. You’ll look classy and flawless, but not overdone.

Do your hair

I’m not talking about a full chignon up-do, nobody has time for that first thing in the morning. Find a style that suits you, and that you can achieve within your time frame. A high ponytail, cute bun, or tousled waves are great styles that look like they took time and effort but actually take very little. Dry shampoo is an absolute must for those mornings that washing your hair seems too much effort, and if all else fails make sure you’ve invested in some cute hats.

Dress for your figure


It sounds obvious, but poorly fitting clothes will make you look frumpy or disheveled. Choose clothes that fit well and suit your body shape, and stick to these as staples.

Wear all black


For the days when nothing seems to work, make sure you have a few black options in your wardrobe as back up. An all black outfit with great jewelry screams sophistication.



Behind all great outfits are great accessories. You can either go for classy silver jewelry, or go bold with statement necklaces and rings. You may find that intricate opal jewelry is the way to go, or bright jewels and metals might be more your thing. Accessories really give you the chance to experiment with your look.

Look after your clothes


If you let your clothes get misshapen and tired, it’ll drag your style down. Follow the washing instructions, keep your clothes ironed, use a lint roller, and you’ll always look sharp.

As you can see, just a little bit of effort goes a long way when it comes to looking classy and put together. Find what suits you, invest in some beautiful jewelry and fashionable shoes, and away you go. Just always remember the red lippy.

How To Accessorise For The Holiday Season


The holiday season is finally upon us. At this time of year, nothing beats wrapping gifts and sipping on hot cocoa while getting your holiday chores ticked off. If you’ve got a handful of events to attend this season, you might want to grab a piece of paper and a pen and get planning. Put on your favourite holiday playlist and start styling away!

Holiday style is one of the best kinds of all, but it helps to prepare well in advance if you want to look and feel your best. So, to get ahead of the holiday style game this season, remember these three simple steps for accessorising well.

Coordinate Your Colours

First up, stay in check when it comes to the colours you’re planning on wearing. If you’re styling a holiday colour palette, make sure your accessories follow suit. Maybe you’re having lunch with the girls or a family shopping day? If so, you might want to go for something a little less formal, but still full of festive cheer. Either way, by making sure your watch, scarf or booties complement your overall look, you’ll feel holiday ready.

While you’re at it, make sure to keep your prints from clashing. We all love checks, stripes and Fairisle at this time of year, but not all at once. If you’re thinking of throwing on a statement checked scarf, then keep your style understated to show it off.

The Devil’s In The Details

Now, for the more formal affairs. From corporate events to cocktail parties, it does come down to the detail. Whether you’ve got a killer LBD (little black dress) or you’re thinking of something a little more tailored, you’ll want to dress it up. Buy pearl jewellery or dig out your classic stones for a special occasion. Jewellery has the power to finish off a look in say so much – especially when it’s worn right.

Make sure you think about your shoe and bag combo too. If you’re planning on dancing the night away, why not take a medium sized bag to store some flats in for later. Of if you’re thinking of more cocktail attire, you might want to keep the heel a little lower and opt for a sweet little clutch.

Sparkle and Shine

Finally, don’t forget about the finishing touches. A dainty necklace, bold red lip or tumbling curls could be all you need to complete any look fit for your formal events calendar. If you’re keeping it casual, a cute bobble hat, furry vest or knee boots will have you feeling festive in no time, but still keep you on top of the style charts.

And remember – while you’re planning, make a list of the events you have to attend and the dress code for each. Not only will you be able to decide what you need to style, but you can also think about your finishing touches and what they might be.

To sparkle and shine this holiday season, focus on the accessories, details and finishing touches. You’ll feel like a star, no matter the occasion.

American Music Award Fashion For Less

rs_634x1024-161120154654-634-niall-horan-2016-american-music-awards Windowpane Notch Lapel Blazer

Seriously this look never goes out of style and is easily changed with a simple tie swap. I may try to convince Dino Boy that a new suit is a good investment for next years weddings.


 Aidan Mattox - Strapless Sequin Crop Top Gown (Black) Women's Dress

If you want a sultry sequin number look no further than this two piece set. You can wear together or separate for different looks!


Halston Heritage - High Slit with Multi Chain Strap (Black) Women's Dress

If I had Chrissy’s body I would wear as little clothes as possible! For us mortals this dress is enough cut outs to keep it sexy but not so much that you risk indecent exposure.  I love the metal accent.  rs_634x1024-161120165809-634-ariana-grande-2016-american-music-awards-kg-112016 Lace Crop TopThis crop top is a great piece to go out on the town in! It’s also a steal under $20rs_634x1024-161120164347-634-selena-gomez-best-dressed

Adrianna Papell - Lace Bodice with Mikado Skirt (Red) Women's Dress

I love everything about this dress! The cut, the style, the lace detail and the price tag of this alternative is incredible! 

The Power Of Healthy Hair. Top Tips For Ensuring Your Hair Looks And Feels Fabulous

You can makeover your look as much as you want, but if your hair is wrong, your new look won’t work! There’s nothing quite so invigorating as a new hairstyle to make you feel fabulous. We all know the transformative power of a new hair cut when we’re not feeling our best. It’s no surprise that good hair is so important when it’s the first thing everyone sees. But, how can we keep our hair looking great? We’ve all experienced the disappointment of not being able to recreate the same look as the hairdresser. These tips will help you achieve that salon-fresh hair on a daily basis.


Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner is crucial. If you have these wrong, it’ll be impossible to get your hair looking lovely. Shampoo is a more standard product so you can get away with a cheaper choice. Using a conditioner that’s not right for you will be catastrophic in your quest. There are many choices out there. Try a few out to find the right one. Knowing your hair can help with this. Do you have dry hair? Do you need a special conditioner for colored hair? Take the time to learn so you can choose the right products.


Blow drying and straightening can make you look fantastic. If you do it too often, though, it will leave your hair damaged and dry. A lot of the time, things like over drying and straightening are what causes hair loss in women. A good way to avoid doing damage is ensuring you don’t resort to these methods daily. Try only using these electricals after you’ve washed your hair. It’s also worth towel drying your hair as much as possible before you start to dry. If you have the time, leave your hair to dry naturally to avoid doing more damage than necessary!


It may seem strange to consider the food you eat with regards to your hair. What you put into your body does make a difference, though! Eating the wrong foods can leave your hair looking dull and lifeless. There are many foods you should be eating to keep your hair looking great. Eggs are good for vitamin B and meat for protein. Fish rich in Omega 3 is fantastic for the hair, as it promotes healthy growth. Lentils are another must, as they contain zinc which helps with hair condition. If you haven’t been considering your food and hair health together, it’s time for change! Make sure you’re eating a healthy and varied diet to keep your hair in the best condition possible.

These are by no means the only ways to healthy hair. Even just following these points will allow you to see a difference. Consider, too, how often you brush your hair and the frequency with which you wash it. Take the time to find out what you should be doing, then start doing it!