How to do the best wash

How to decode the laundry symbols and how to do the best load of laundry

How to do the best wash

Washer Dial Decoded

Delicates- Designed as an alternative to hand washing. Use for: lingerie, bras, panties, hand washed items

Baby Care- This one has extra rinses to remove detergent residue. Use for: baby items

Permanent Press- Wrinkle free, designed to be gentle. Use for: less durable items like dress clothes

Wool- Super gentle option with cool wash and rinse low. Use for: wool items

Sanitary- Extra hot cycle used for heavily soiled items. Use for: Heavily soiled baby clothes or work clothes

Steam- Can tackle tough stains and allergens. Use for: items that need a little extra stains

Heavy Duty- Hot water, high spins and a longer wash time. Use for: dirty clothes and soiled items

Whites- Hot water and high spin cycle. Use for: sheets and towels


Washer Dryer hacks:

Put all socks and small items in a mesh bag to prevent any items from going MIA.

Tie a tide to go stick to the corner of your hamper. Pre treat all stains before you even put them in the laundry bin. This makes the stain easier to get out and prevents it from setting in.

Don’t over fill the washer or dryer. This will prevent all the clothes from getting washed thoroughly.

Tackle a few loads of laundry during the week so you have less work to do during the weekends

How to clean a washing machine

Use a soft cloth and a solution of 1 cup of chlorine bleach and 2 cups water and wash the rubber seal of the door paying attention to the lower portion of the seal where water tends to stay. After that is done fill the bleach dispenser with bleach and run the washer without laundry through a hot water cycle.

How to clean a dryer

Take the lint screen out and use a dryer vent brush to pick up any residual lint and dust inside the trap. Make sure you schedule an appointment with a professional duct and vent cleaner once a year to make sure everything is clean and in working condition.

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