How To Care For Jeans

Dino Boy and I have this debate every laundry day, I say jeans need to be washed after every use, and he says they can go a full week without getting clean. I decided to settle this debate once and for all and I have to say I’m a little horrified at the suggested care instructions for jeans! Do you wash them every time or every six months?


Jeans shouldn’t be washed often, as the denim will fade. Most jean enthusiast will tell you that the dirt and oil add character and flaws to your jeans making them your own.

If you are like me and need to wash them here’s how: Put jeans in the wash inside out and wash them on cold. If this is the first time you are washing them add in two spoonfuls of salt to help set the dye. You can also wash them by hand if you would like. Filling a silk with cold water and add half a teaspoon of laundry detergent. Put your jeans in inside out and stick them in the water. Don’t scrub just come back in an hour and rinse them with cold water and hang them out to dry! No matter how you wash them it is suggested that you air-dry them to further the use of them.

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