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Fashion Icons from Every Decade Who Make Brilliant Halloween Costumes


While we all roll our eyes at the run-of-the-mill Halloween costumes that surface year after year, it’s hard not to be tempted by their simple appeal when it gets down to the wire. This year, vow to do something different and resit the urge. Instead of falling for that sleazy superhero costume, reach for something a little more sophisticated. Our suggestion? A costume that pays homage to a lady who’s earned a spot in the style hall of fame. Below, discover how to emulate the most swoon-worthy icons from decades past.


1950s: Marilyn Monroe



Every glamour girl has dreamed of being Marilyn Monroe for a day. Well, now’s your chance. This Halloween, channel Ms. Monroe as authentically as possible with a knockout dress (clad in sequins, of course) and luxe accessories. This take is far more unique than the popular white dress look, so don’t worry about showing up in the same costume as a handful of other girls on the holiday.




Marilyn Monroe Costume.jpg






Marilyn Monroe Costume Ideas.jpg



1960s: Twiggy



Craving something more mod? Piece together a swingin’ 60s ensemble with Twiggy vibes. The supermodel was known for her out-of-the-box style and quirky flare, so don’t hold back when styling your look. Opt for bold colors, statement prints and accessories that start a conversation. This is your excuse to pull out those sparkly booties you regret buying last fall. They will look swell paired with a shift and round frames.




Twiggy Halloween Costume.jpg





Twiggy Costume Ideas.jpg



1970s: Diana Ross



While she was widely known for her one-of-a-kind voice, Diana Ross also had a fashion sense like no other. Sport a statement-making costume inspired by the iconic songstress that embodies the bold style unique to the 70s. We suggest taking a risk and trying a jumpsuit accessorized with an unexpected clutch and a hat with lots of attitude.




Diana Ross Halloween Costume.jpg





Diana Ross Costume Ideas.jpg


How To Care For Jeans

Dino Boy and I have this debate every laundry day, I say jeans need to be washed after every use, and he says they can go a full week without getting clean. I decided to settle this debate once and for all and I have to say I’m a little horrified at the suggested care instructions for jeans! Do you wash them every time or every six months?


Jeans shouldn’t be washed often, as the denim will fade. Most jean enthusiast will tell you that the dirt and oil add character and flaws to your jeans making them your own.

If you are like me and need to wash them here’s how: Put jeans in the wash inside out and wash them on cold. If this is the first time you are washing them add in two spoonfuls of salt to help set the dye. You can also wash them by hand if you would like. Filling a silk with cold water and add half a teaspoon of laundry detergent. Put your jeans in inside out and stick them in the water. Don’t scrub just come back in an hour and rinse them with cold water and hang them out to dry! No matter how you wash them it is suggested that you air-dry them to further the use of them.

The perfect nude pumps under $100!

I have finally organized my closet and I have to say if anyone is a size 10 in heels come over to my house because I have a box ready to go! I was horrified at how many crazy colored shoes I own that will look great with oh just one outfit. I mean they help pull it together but until I live in a house that is featured on MTV’s CRIBS I need to cool it down on the shoe purchases. Instead, I’ve started investing in nicer nude colored ones that can look both professional and fun. The best part? They go with every outfit! Here are some of my favorites and they are all under $100!

Sam Edelman - Opal (Classic Nude Leather) High Heels

Charles by Charles David - Pact (Nude Degrade) High Heels

Calvin Klein - Gayle (Blush Nude Coated Matte Linen) High Heels Jessica Simpson - Cirrus (Nude) High Heels

Hocus Pocus Drinking Game

hocus pocus drinking game

How to do the best wash

How to decode the laundry symbols and how to do the best load of laundry

How to do the best wash

Washer Dial Decoded

Delicates- Designed as an alternative to hand washing. Use for: lingerie, bras, panties, hand washed items

Baby Care- This one has extra rinses to remove detergent residue. Use for: baby items

Permanent Press- Wrinkle free, designed to be gentle. Use for: less durable items like dress clothes

Wool- Super gentle option with cool wash and rinse low. Use for: wool items

Sanitary- Extra hot cycle used for heavily soiled items. Use for: Heavily soiled baby clothes or work clothes

Steam- Can tackle tough stains and allergens. Use for: items that need a little extra stains

Heavy Duty- Hot water, high spins and a longer wash time. Use for: dirty clothes and soiled items

Whites- Hot water and high spin cycle. Use for: sheets and towels


Washer Dryer hacks:

Put all socks and small items in a mesh bag to prevent any items from going MIA.

Tie a tide to go stick to the corner of your hamper. Pre treat all stains before you even put them in the laundry bin. This makes the stain easier to get out and prevents it from setting in.

Don’t over fill the washer or dryer. This will prevent all the clothes from getting washed thoroughly.

Tackle a few loads of laundry during the week so you have less work to do during the weekends

How to clean a washing machine

Use a soft cloth and a solution of 1 cup of chlorine bleach and 2 cups water and wash the rubber seal of the door paying attention to the lower portion of the seal where water tends to stay. After that is done fill the bleach dispenser with bleach and run the washer without laundry through a hot water cycle.

How to clean a dryer

Take the lint screen out and use a dryer vent brush to pick up any residual lint and dust inside the trap. Make sure you schedule an appointment with a professional duct and vent cleaner once a year to make sure everything is clean and in working condition.

That’s A Wrap!- The Best Blanket Scarves!

Blanket scarves are the it accessory of fall but think beyond the traditional plaid and stand out in the crowd!

This black and white printed scarf from Express can take any monochrome outfit to the next level! Love that the print is so versatile! 

Express Womens Printed Blanket Scarf

This navy and white blanket scarf from Cost Plus can help you transition from summer to fall. Navy and Ivory Blanket Stitch Scarf

This Zappos houndstooth scarf in a classic print is sure to make any fall outfit a hit!Hat Attack - Houndstooth Blanket Scarf (Grey) Scarves

This Ralph Lauren camel blanket scarf has both camel and pastel, my favorite color scheme this season! LAUREN Ralph Lauren - Mohair Blanket Plaid Scarf (Camel Tonal) ScarvesThis Michael Stars black and gray scarf is sure to be a show stopper with the fun tribal print! Michael Stars - Mesa Steps Blanket Scarf (Black) Scarves

This classic Ralph Lauren striped blanket scarf is a great neutral piece for any fall wardrobe! LAUREN Ralph Lauren - Boiled Wool Stripe Blanket Scarf (Cream/Camel) ScarvesWhich one is your favorite?

Affordable ways to stay in shape


Buy fitness gear from discount sites or on sale: If you shop around you can get a full outfit for under $50! I included some of my favorites from all over (most have free shipping) and all items are under $10 each. 

Athleta under $10

Athleta headband

Athleta mesh drawstring bag

Boohoo under $10

Green running shorts

Contrast running shorts

Forever 21 under $10

Pink sports bra

Citron sports bra

Zappos under $10

Nike anti blister socks

Nike red socks

Old Navy under $10

Fitted shelf bra tank

Mesh tank

Bed Bath and Beyond


Nutrition bar

Ask for discounts: insurance companies and employers if they give reimbursments or discounted membership rates. 

Compare gym options and negotiate

Gold’s gym membership

Koko fitness membership pass

24 hour free pass

Buy classes in bulk:

Use a home gym: buy workout equipment and use at home videos

These pieces are also under $10!

Bed bath and beyond resistance bands

Sears blue yoga mat

Sears thigh trimmer

Sears hand weights

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