How To Be A Better Listener

There are days that I can look at someone and see those lips move and not process what they are saying. Those are the days that I take a step back and focus on being a better listener instead of thinking about what I will say next in the conversation. Here are 5 tips on how to be a better listener:

how to be a better listener

  1. Be empathetic. Focus on what they have to say, try to see things from that persons perspective and don’t focus on fixing it. Just listen and understand.

  2. Be an active listener. Don’t finish sentences, let them speak and then summarize what they said in your own words. Ask appropriate questions once they have finished talking.

  3. Don’t jump in with suggestions or advice. I always tell Dino Boy I just need you to respond with “That sucks” not try to fix it. The second you start thinking about how to solve the problem you stop listening to the speaker.

  4. Don’t listen to reply listen to understand. Show them you are listening by empathizing with their feelings. Tell them how much you understand the anxiety over speaking to a group of people.

  5. Make eye contact, physically engage in the conversation by making eye contact and appropriately nodding your head.

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