How To Make Mondays Count

How to make mondays count

Having a “case of the Mondays” stinks. It makes the whole week tougher and honestly it makes those Sunday scaries that much worse. Why do we need to do that to ourselves? Here are some great tips on how to make Monday morning a magnificent and productive one!

First, start planning for Monday on Sunday. I know you want the weekend to yourself but spending a half hour Sunday night prepping for the week will make waking up Monday morning that much easier! Pack your bag, set out your clothes and go over the week’s calendar. While you are at it preset the coffeemaker for 15 minutes earlier than needed as well.

Monday morning you are going to wake up earlier and do some quick cardio! Make sure you start the day with a positive attitude by visualizing the day and repeating a morning affirmation like “I am positive, grateful and excited about today!” Below is a mini printable you can tape to your mirror. Before you head out the door make sure you have a healthy breakfast that will help fuel you through the morning.

You are going to arrive to work 5 minutes earlier because you have had such a productive morning and you are going to make an updated to do list and organize your workspace. And lastly, tackle the tough jobs first.

Congratulations you have made the most of your Monday morning!

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