Holiday Tips And Tricks Girls Will Love

Holiday season is in full swing, and everybody seems to be jetting off to exotic locations to top up their tans, meet new people, and make some incredible memories. Whether you’re going away on a girls holiday full of cocktails and laughs, or you’re going away with your family, these holiday tips are perfect for you. Here are holiday tips and tricks girls will love:

Be Careful When It Comes To Romance

Holiday romance can be so exciting, and one of the best things about going on holiday. But please, keep your wits about you! Holidays have no real sense of time, so it really can feel like you’re in love after a short period of time. This can lead to people making promises they can’t keep. Try to be sensible and take things with a pinch of salt. Be realistic. If you’ve just met somebody, you’re hardly going to move halfway across the world to be with them.

Never Wander Off Alone or Leave Your Drink Unattended

Staying safe on holiday is important. Don’t wander off alone, ever. Always go with at least one other friend. If you meet friends on holiday and want to go with them, be cautious. Always tell somebody where you’re going. Never leave your drink unattended either!

Think Before You Post On Social Media

Social media is brilliant for keeping up with friends and posting about all of the amazing things that happen in our lives. But think before you post on social media. Do you really want a picture of you snogging a stranger up there for all to see? Do you really want to post that drunk status? Be smart and stay off it, at least until you’re sober.

If You Must Get A Tattoo, Do It Sober

Getting holiday tattoos is the norm, but some people are taking it too far these days. One girl recently got the Harry Potter scar tattooed on her head! If you must get a holiday tattoo, do it sober. You don’t want to wake up with a nasty surprise.


Make A List To Help You Pack

Make a list in advance so you know exactly what you need to pack. Stick to it when you pack before you go and when you leave. This will help you feel much less stressed. There are even ready made lists online to help you. Make sure you not only have all of your beauty essentials, but documents and things too. If you’re traveling to the US, having things like your Electronic System for Travel Authorization sorted is important.

Buy Makeup Suitable For The Weather  

If it’s going to be really hot, you don’t want cakey foundation and products that will slide off your face. Do lots of research on makeup products for the weather so you can look gorgeous, whatever it’s like!

Hopefully these holiday tips help you to have the best time. Remember, enjoy every minute. That means staying off the web and living in the moment!

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