The 5 Biggest Skin Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Being happy in our skin is so important. But how do we make sure our skin stays at its best? If you want to ensure your skin stays beautiful, check out these common mistakes to avoid.


This is an easy one if you are smoking. Stop. It wreaks havoc on your skin, dehydrating it and encouraging wrinkles, lines, and that sallow gray tone, that is not so flattering. It’s not easy to stop smoking, but there are lots of things that can help. Nicotine replacement patches or lozenges can be useful if you are trying to quit. There are also quick release sprays and chewing gums. Speak to your Doctor to see which option is right for you and get some support in quitting.


The dangers of tanning are now well known, but people still insist on doing it. This is an awful idea. Not only does it age the skin back but can cause skin cancer. It is possible to get a lovely glow without going on the sunbeds. Use a self-tanning product safely at home instead. You can choose from lotions, mousse or wipes. Whichever you use, make sure you exfoliate well beforehand and are careful with the application. Be especially vigilant on drier parts of skin; like your heels and elbows as these have a tendency to go orange. You can use a barrier cream to stop this happening. If you if you want a tan all year round why not go for a home spray tanning system? This is a quick way of applying fake tans your entire body and it makes keeping an all year round tan much more convenient and easy to do.

Not looking after your health


Another thing that shows on our skin is our general health. As you get older, it is really important to look after your health by eating right, and going for regular checkups. If you like some help with this why not try an organization that offers a cenegenics program? Managing your aging in this way can help you retain your health and vitality.

Leaving your makeup on at night

We’ve all done it after a night out, and woken up with panda eyes and lipstick across our face. You should try not to do this regularly. Leaving your makeup on overnight encourages dirt and bacteria to collect in the pores on your face and can cause spots and other problems. ┬áIt is also not very good for your pillowcases, or for your self-esteem in the morning! It is much better to start the day with a fresh, clean face.

Buying expensive products

If you are spending a fortune on skincare, just don’t! As long as you have an established routine and find products that work well with your skin, you don’t have to spend a lot for it to be effective. Remember lots of products are more about the packaging and marketing and what’s inside.

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