The Only Way To Get A Tight Midsection

So many people are obsessed with getting a tight midsection, but nobody knows how to do it properly. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there, so you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ll get the midsection of your dreams by doing thousands of crunches. This isn’t the case! The tips in this guide will help you tighten yours up the right way:

Diet, Diet, Diet

The first thing you need to master if you really want a tight midsection is your diet. You can do as many crunches as you like. You can even smash out a ton of cardio. But if you aren’t focusing on your diet, you aren’t going to get a tight midsection. For your stomach to look the best it has ever looked, you should be focusing on eating lots of vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Things that are natural are best for a tight tummy. When you have the diet part down, you can move on to other things to enhance your efforts.

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Cardio can help burn more fat or calories depending on which kind you do. HIIT cardio is shorter and more intense. While it does burn calories, the main goal of it is to fire up the metabolism, and keep it burning for hours afterwards. This helps your body to continue burning calories and fat long after you’ve finished. This is why you shouldn’t pay much attention to how much the machine says you’ve burned! Steady state has it’s place too. In fact, a good walk can burn more fat than a run. A run will burn more calories, putting you in a surplus, but burning fat will change the shape of your body. The main thing is to make sure you’re doing enough cardio to get results, but not so much that you get tired of it. Find the balance and see what works for you. It’s different for everybody. If you really don’t have time for cardio, treatments like coolsculpting can give similar results that last providing the rest of your routine is on point.

Non-weighted Stomach Exercises

People get so confused when it comes to stomach exercises. What exactly do you need to do to get a shredded tummy? If you want more definition, non weighted stomach exercises will suffice. Things like hip raises, hanging leg raises, russian twists, and crunch variations are fine. Some people avoid working the sides of their tummy altogether as they get paranoid that it will get thicker. However, you’ll usually have nothing to worry about unless you begin using weights. Using weights on your stomach muscles can leave you with a blockier midsection. If you’re working out properly the rest of the time, your core should also be getting a workout. This is why some people don’t bother training their abs at all, and still get results. Some train them every other day. It totally depends on your goals and the way your body responds. Experiment!

Water Loss

Losing excess water can make your tummy seem tighter, even if it is only temporary. To do this, you need to be drinking 3-4 litres of water a day, while flushing out the excess with saunas and hot baths.


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