Setting Up The Perfect Birthday For The Man In Your Life

For those particularly close to you, you want to make their birthday count. You want to go beyond the usual paltry attempts people usually make on birthdays. More than just a cake with candles for blowing out. You want to make them feel special. If there’s a man in your life that you particularly like, planning the best birthday could be what makes him realise just how lucky he is to have you.

The present

A lot of women have trouble buying guys a present they’ll really like. There are a lot of colognes being bought, to the point where it’s boring and a bit of a disappointment, really. Instead, push the boat out a little with some unique and unusual gift ideas. If he likes his drinks, a set of really fine whisky tumblers could win him over big time, for example.

Take a road trip

Take more than just a day to make his birthday special. Make it exciting by going on a road trip together. This is particularly good for those relationships that are starting to get a bit more serious. Not only is it a commitment sharing that space with someone. You also tend to learn a lot about one another while seeing some great sights on the way.

Set up a party

The birthday party might not be the biggest surprise you can give a guy. But you can customise it a bit to make it more personalised for him. Getting his family or friends to help out is vital. Find the things that he loves and make them a central theme. If he likes his fine dining, for example, he might appreciate a birthday party around cheese and wine tasting.

Balloon 5

The gift that keeps on giving

Besides the birthday present, there’s a much more personal gift you can give him to really make it a special time. DIY coupon books are gaining some popularity as a gift. All for good reason. It’s the little things that really make our day after all. So fill a book full of little chores or things you can do for him. They can be sweet or they can be funny. 

Take a trip down memory lane

Another gift for the relationships that are starting to get more serious. Celebrate the times you’ve spent together by putting together a scrapbook of all your best bits. Go uncensored with it. Don’t leave out the photos where you’re both looking goofy. This can be the perfect accompaniment to cooking a lovely dinner or having a quiet drink together.

Go on a date

When guys think of dates, normally they think of dinner and a drink, which can honestly be a bit of a chore for them. Most guys simply don’t like being wined and dined as much as we do. That’s why you need to choose a date he’ll really enjoy. It could be a walk down the beach followed with a drink. It could be going to a sports game with him. Whatever it is, make him the focus.


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