How To Celebrate Your Best Friend’s Birthday In Style

You’ve been friends for years and the countdown to a landmark birthday is on. Now is the time to step up to mark and prove your best pal credentials. If you’re planning a night to remember for your best buddy, here are some tips to make it extra special.

Keep everything a surprise

Surprises make everything so much more exciting, so give your best friend the basic details and let everything else be unveiled on the night. Tell her where she needs to be at what time and give her an idea of the dress code. If you have a theme, but you don’t want her to guess it, choose an outfit for her yourself.

Get the party started early

If you’re hitting the town, get everyone over for a drink beforehand. Blow up some balloons, exchange gifts and get ready to serenade the birthday girl and present her with a cake. Put some music on and enjoy getting ready together. Now is the time to let your buddy in on a few secrets and hand over her get-up for the evening. For party planning tips, head over to for inspiration.

Book a luxury ride

Nothing starts the night in style like a ride in a limo from Get your girls outside and wait for it to pull up. Arrange for a celebratory glass of bubbly to be provided in the back and get some snaps outside the car before you leave. Get the tunes on and enjoy a mini road trip.

Organise a booth

Standing around waiting for a table and having drinks spilled all over you is bound to get people aggravated, so book a booth or table. Often, it works out cheaper to buy a VIP package and split it between you. You’ll get your own area for the night and you won’t have to worry about jostling your way to the bar. Get in touch with the club beforehand and arrange to go in and put some balloons and banners up in the area. Ask the waiters to stick sparklers in your cocktails and see if they’ll invent a special one for the birthday girl.

Arrange a sleepover

After you’ve danced, get ready to drop. Arrange for hotel rooms or stay at somebody’s house, but make sure you’re all together. When you wake up you can share stories from the night before and look through the photos. Once you’ve all showered and got ready, head out for a birthday brunch. Book a table in advance, especially if there’s a large group of you. Ask the rest of the group to send you their photos and make an album. Give it to your best friend so that they will remember your night out for years to come.

Landmark birthdays don’t come around too often, so it’s important to make an effort to spoil your best friend. Get everyone involved, split the costs and plan ahead. Contact the limo company and the bar and ask to add some personal touches to make the experience unique and memorable.

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