10 Roller Coasters You Need To Go On In The UK!

Whether you are old or young, going to a Theme Park always brings a lot of fun and excitement. The UK are lucky enough to have several parks full of amazing rides which everyone visits year after year. They are great to visit for birthdays with your family or with a group of friends. Even the celebrities love going with singer Peter Andre spotted at Alton Towers last year with his family. Everybody wants to go on the big roller coasters which causes thrills for everyone. Here are the top 10 roller coasters you need to try if you have the guts.


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Alton Towers in Staffordshire may have had a knock after the Smiler Crash in 2014, but they are back up and running. The ride recently reopened, but you will have to have nerves of steel to go on that one. However, the Park still have some of the most popular rides in the UK. Nemesis is often named the most popular ride, and it is one of the first inverted roller coasters in the world. It has several loops, a corkscrew and is definitely not for the faint-hearted.


Another favourite at Alton Towers, Thirteen is one of the newest rides that everyone loves. The steel rollercoaster is the world’s first freefall drop roller coaster. The drop is unexpected, and the ride is very creepy. The ride is situated in the woodland and is worth a try if you are at the park.


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Thorpe Park in London is one of the UK’s favourite theme parks and boasts a vast array of scary rides. Stealth is arguably the most frightening on our list. The steel roller coaster is one of the most terrifying on our list as you are launched at 80mph up a 200ft incline. It’s an extreme thrill that is over in seconds but will be unforgettable.

Saw- The Ride

Another top favourite at Thorpe Park, Saw- The Ride is based on the horror films, and is the first in the world to do this. It’s truly terrifying like the films with a drop of 100 degrees. It’s definitely thrilling for roller coaster lovers.

The Big One



Blackpool is a fantastic place to visit. The town is full of fun and trips to Blackpool can not be complete without a trip to Pleasure Beach. The rides are great, and one of the top favourites is The Big One, which was formally called The Big Dipper. The steel roller coaster is a scary rollercoaster which overlooks the sea and is a must-visit.


Drayton Manor in Tamworth is another popular Theme Park in the UK that you need to visit. Shockwave is their most popular ride at the park and opened in the 1990’s. It’s one of two stand up roller coasters in Europe, and you must try it. As explained here, Shockwave takes people through four inversions.


Another favourite at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Avalanche is a steel roller coaster which needs to be tried. It’s unique as it’s the first in the UK with an unusual bobsled typed carriage which is commonly seen on water rides.


One of Alton Tower’s most iconic rides is Oblivion. The ride was the first dive rollercoasters, and the huge drop is super scary. It stops at the top for a couple of minutes so that you are staring into the black hole beneath you. You can see more about this frightening rollercoaster here.

The Swarm

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At Thorpe Park, there is another ride which should not be missed if you are visiting the park this summer. One of the newest on this list, The Swarm is the world’s second steel wing roller coaster. It has a scary inclined loop and corkscrew to keep people screaming. It’s based on an end of the world scene which makes it extra scary.

The Ultimate

You might not have heard of Lightwater Valley Theme Park, but it is situated in Ripon and boasts the World’s second Largest Rollercoaster. The Ultimate was created in 1991 and takes its riders on a wildly long 7 and a half minute journey on a steel track. It was the world’s longest for a period of time until that position was taken by Steel Dragon 2000 in Japan. If you have a stomach of steel, you could try this ride today.

If you are after a big thrill, the rides above at parks in the UK will definitely fulfill your excitement needs. For all the best rollercoasters in the UK, visit here to decide where you want to try next.

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