Keeping the Romance Alive: Date Night at Home Ideas and Tips

If you have got children, then you will know that it can be hard to fit in time to do things just as a couple. If you don’t have friends or family close by that are willing to look after the little darlings for a few hours, then it can mean that date nights get missed. So to keep the romance alive, it is a good idea to look into date nights that you can do at home. While it is nice to go out once and awhile, it can be cheaper and just as fun to do something at home. But how can you make it a night that is different to any normal evening in? Here are a few tips and ideas to have fun and fancy date nights at home.

Dress Up

To make it different from any other evening in after the kids are in bed, then both of you need to make more of an effort to make it different. One of the best ways to do that is to get dressed up in something fancy so that you feel like you are going out for the evening. So dress up as you would if you were going out for drinks or out for a meal, for example. It also puts you both in the mindset that you will be doing something a bit different and won’t just be sat on the sofa watching Netflix or doing chores.

Cook a Fancy Meal

You don’t have to go out to eat a fancy meal. With a good recipe and basic know-how, you can create a meal at home that can be just as nice as one that you’d be paying over the odds for at a restaurant. Trying something out of the ordinary like lobster or snow crab legs would really make the meal more fancy. It is something that you need to plan out ahead of time, but you’d have to plan ahead if you were going out to eat too. Set the table and light some candles for the perfect date night ambiance. It will certainly make a change from eating with the kids dressed in your casual clothes!

Turn off Power

One great way to reconnect is to pretend like you have had a power outage. That means sitting by candlelight, no phones, no tablets, and no TV. It gives you both a chance to just talk and unwind. When you’re raising a family, it can be hard to have that proper one on one time. Often you’ll end up talking about the logistics of the day, with things that need to be done or kids that need picking up. So taking time just for the two of you can help a lot. You can also play something like cards together as you talk things through.

What are some of your favorite dates to do with your other half? I think as long as they are still happening, it is important. Take that time out and enjoying each other’s company is so important.

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