Need to be More Organised This Year? Here is How

The new year is around the corner and often that means making and setting goals. One of those might be to be more organised. There may some specific things that you’d like to be organised in. You might love your workplace or office to be more organised. You may need to get your life and social plans organised. I’ll be sharing a few tips that will help you to be more organised in your everyday and work life. It doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time, but it will save a lot of your time.


Write Things Down


This one is a no-brainer! You know those people that are always organised and remember to send birthday cards or gifts? Majority of the time that is not down to memory. They will have it written down and it helps them to remember. Whether it is in an address or contacts book, or a calendar or diary, write it down.


Making lists or things that you need to do are also great things to write down. Buy a diary and save yourself a lot of time and effort. It can be confusing trying to remember where everyone lives or when their birthdays are.






I like to be fairly organised and one thing that I can do that is by not having much clutter around. A cluttered workspace, for example, is a disorganised workplace. Set aside some time, perhaps once a week, or a specific time of day, to declutter. It might just be a mess that has accumulated and needs to be thrown away. It might be things have moved from elsewhere and it needs to be moved back. Taking this time will help you be more organised and know where everything is.


Set Deadlines


When you are writing things down and making notes for yourself, make deadlines. Being organised means prioritising time and meeting deadlines. If you are always rushing around trying to get things done in time, it is a sign that you need to be more organised and plan a little better. There will always be things that you can tick off the list after a short time; some will take longer. It is important to mark them off though and focus on what needs to be done, and when.


Set a Budget


If you don’t already have a budget that you set for yourself, this is a must. This can save a lot of time and hassle. If you know what you have to spend on everyday things like food, you will be so much better off. It is also of great importance when budgeting for bigger things like Christmas or birthdays. You don’t want to be getting into debt for things like that. If you are disorganised and don’t know what you have to spend, though, it could happen quicker than you think.


Good luck with getting organised this year. It can take a little bit of effort but it is certainly worth the effort. Stick with it and you’ll be feeling organised in no time.


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