Weigh In Wednesday: Tricks To Avoid The Treats

I know I’m not the only one around here that bought a bag of halloween candy last week and today reached for the last piece for breakfast. As a kid we were only allowed two pieces a day but now that I don’t have a parent rationing it out, I have no self control! I don’t want to be that lame family that hands out toothbrushes to kids every year so instead I need to learn how to be better about my treats! 


Tips on self control:

  1. Practice mindfulness in eating: Don’t eat in front of any screens. Take a moment and think about what your body really needs right then and decide if what you want is a craving or nourishment. Eat slowly so you can enjoy every bite. 
  2. Start the day the right way: Eating a breakfast with protein and take a multivitamin. This is a great way to start the day with blood sugar balanced.
  3. Keep healthy options around the house, avoid having unhealthy options available. A lesson that would have been great to learn last week. Next year Halloween candy will be purchased on October 31st!

What are you doing to stay healthy this week?


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