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Beginners Guide to Fantasy Football

It’s August which means football season is right around the corner. And with football season comes Fantasy Football! I played in a league a while ago, and while the people took it a little too seriously I ended up having a lot of fun. Here’s some tips to help you out with your draft!

1.      Prepare! Take some time to sit down, look at some top player lists and take a look at some sleepers and busts.

2.      Use Cheat sheets: These are great one pagers that let you know the best available players by position and overall. I recommend the sheet from

3.      Draft Running Backs early, everyone needs them and there’s only a small amount of them available.


4.      Don’t go with your favorite team. The point of fantasy football is to assemble the best team possible, if you’re picking from only your favorite team you’re short changing yourself!


5.      Draft the best position available! You don’t need to fill your roster in order, take whatever player is best, but make sure you have a full roster by the end of the draft.



6.      Have Fun! It’s supposed to be a good time. Talk some trash, drink some beers and don’t take it too serious!


Will you be participating in fantasy football this year?

Thirsty Thursday Champagne and Raspberry Popsicles

Thirsty Thursday


How Stars Affect Your Love Life

It’s no secret that we all want to meet the one, but sometimes meeting Mr. Right seems almost impossible. If you want to find a partner who you will have that mind boggling, stomach fizzing connection with, you need to take astrology into account. (It might sound a little strange, but trust me, it’s worth it.)
According to many relationship experts, if you want to find your soulmate, taking your star sign into account is a must. Of course, a person’s star sign alone isn’t enough to guarantee that they will be perfect for you. But it will have a big impact on how right for each other you are.
If you take note of your star sign and compatibility when picking a partner, the chances are that your relationship will be a happier one. And that’s a fact. For everything that you need to know about how your star sign affects your love life, keep reading.

Know your zodiac and star sign
First things first, before you can set about finding love via the stars, you need to work out what your zodiac and star signs are. It’s not just a case of using your star sign to work out who you are most compatible with; you also need to take your Chinese zodiac sign into account.
Let’s start with star signs. There are 12 star signs, and each star sign relates to a time of year. They don’t match up with the 12 months of a year, instead most star signs overlap over two months. For example, Libras are born between September 23rd and October 22nd. Each star sign comes with different traits and characteristics, that are common for people who fall under it.
And now onto zodiac signs. Your zodiac sign relates to the year you were born, and again, comes with various traits. There are 12 zodiac signs that link to years in a 12-year cycle. So, if, for example, 1992 was the year of the monkey, 2004 would also be the year of the monkey. You can find out your zodiac sign by putting your year of birth into an online zodiac calculator.
Your star and zodiac sign affect who you like and dislike
What it’s important to realize is that your star and zodiac signs don’t just tell you when you were born, they also link to your love life. You see, the people who you will enjoy spending time will be the people whose star and zodiac sign match well with yours.
For example, if you were born in September 1992, you would be a Libra and have the zodiac sign of the Monkey. Libras are all about their partner, and will do anything for them. They are kind, considerate and all loving, but tend to put their needs behind everyone else’s. Because of this, they need a partner who also puts other people’s needs before their own, such as a Capricorn, who has the zodiac sign of the Ox or Snake.
It might be a strange way to deal with your love life, but if you want to meet the one, the stars could be the answer. Using your star and zodiac sign to find the perfect partner is all about looking for someone who can give you what you need, in terms of love.

Rent the Runway Clearance Sale

Attention savvy shoppers! I’ve got some exciting news for you! Rent the Runway is holding a rare Clearance Sale! This means that you’ll be able to get designer dresses and accessories at up to 70% off! This special sale runs now through August 31st — and only while supplies last. I strongly encourage you to get your shop on today because quantities and sizes are limited! 

So hop on over to Rent the Runway and check out their Clearance Sale page. You’re sure to find a few must-have pieces that deserve a permanent space in your closet. 

Here are a few sale items that I’m totally drooling over:

Clover Canyon Flamenco Fire Sheath

Sarah Magid Pink Masquerade Cuff

Kay Unger See the Light Dress

Monday Mantra: I Want To Be Like A Sunflower


Cultivate it.

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Sunday Scripture: In This World You Will Have Trouble



In this world you will have trouble. But

Drinking game for the big debate tonight

The big debate is on tonight and I for one and very intrigued to see how it’s about to go down. Here is my Thirsty Thursday drinking game for the GOP debate tonight!

1) one sip every time Reagan is mentioned 
2) one sip every time Cecil the lion is mentioned
3) one shot every time a man tells you how planned parenthood should run
4)  one shot every time someone fails to mention progressive taxation
4) one shot every time Trump calls something stupid or assumes superiority
4) one beer for every 10 minutes that goes by without mentioning race relations in America

What rules would you add? Happy drinking!