Shabby Chic Weddings: A How To

What is shabby chic, exactly? Well, it’s kinda of a combination of a few styles. It’s kind of vintage, kind of rustic; parred back is a good way to describe it. It works fantastically for weddings that want to have a slightly more relaxed vibe. There are lots of whites, creams, and browns, all of which can be accented with your choice of colour.

Like the sound of it? Here are a number of ways to get a shabby chic vibe for your wedding.


1) Hessian Bunting

Hessian is a great material for shabby chic weddings. It looks rustic, and natural, but is also very versatile. And, it’s cheap too! Hessian bunting is a great place to start. You can buy it online, or make your own. You just need scissors, a template, and some hessian sheets. Don’t feel that bunting is the only thing you can make out of it, though. You can also use it to make confetti cones, table clothes and more! Be sure you take an extra sheet or two with you to the wedding venue. This will cover you incase anything you’ve made gets damaged. Plus, you’ll probably find you can make use of it somewhere else too. It really is very versatile!



2) Baby’s Breath Bouquets

Part of the charm of shabby chic is that it isn’t quite as ‘done’ or ‘polished’ as other themes. One place you can apply this is to your flowers. You can make a big statement with them, and going for something simpler can save a lot of money. Gypsophila, also know as Baby’s Breath because of how delicate it is, is ideal. Dainty white flowers atop green stems, these carry the shabby chic trend perfectly. There are 68 ideas for incorporating these flowers into your wedding here! Adorn your venue with them, or even carry them as your bouquet! They also work well as bouquets for the bridesmaids, as they are nice and light for carrying.


3) Vintage Invitations

You won’t get a second chance to make a first impression of your wedding. What is that first impression? You’re wedding invites of course. They drop through the doors of your guests, welcoming them along. They give them the first taste of the day that is to come. So, start them off here with a vintage style invite. You can visit Pure Invitation for vintage wedding invitations and inspiration. A fab finishing touch is old-fashioned looking stamps and brown paper envelopes too!


4) Outdoor venue

You might struggle to pull off an authentic-looking shabby chic wedding in the wrong venue. If your venue is very polished and glamorous. Instead, consider an outdoor venue. This way you can incorporate the trees, flowers, and greenery into things. Dot candles in glass jars in the branches, and use folding chairs for the ceremony. Don’t feel like you need to be too neat or very precise with anything. That is part of the charm of your theme! Take it easy and you’ll create a wedding day that the guests can take it easy on also!

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