5 fun date ideas for spring

1. Go for a hike
Regardless of where you live you can always find a beautiful area to discover. Grab those tennis shoes and reconnect while burning calories!

2. Do a beer tasting
It seems that no matter what our month looks like Dino Boy and I somehow always end up spending a day in wine country and while I know he loves wine, I also know he would much rather drink a cold beer. Why not learn more about his favorite drink?
3. Go kayaking
There is something so beautiful and peaceful about being out on the water. With the beautiful weather this is a great spring activity!
4. Go to a baseball game
This is also one of those activities we do a lot and I always love it. While I may not enjoy cheering on the Giants (Go Red Sox!) I do love spending an evening outside with Dino Boy sharing a mutual love for the game.
5. Go to a museum after dark
Discovering museums certainly isn’t just for kids! There are plenty of places now that offer “after dark passes” that allow you to come after 6 pm and enjoy the space with a cocktail and the company of other adults. There is nothing better than learning, drinking and sharing the fun with your partner!

What do you do as a date activity? 

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