Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everyone! I hope everyone is doing their part to help conserve and cut down on unnecessary waste! Earth Day is a great reminder to evaluate how we live and make some simple changes to put a little less stress on our planet! 
Here are some easy and quick things that I have started doing, or plan on doing, to help with the conservation efforts!
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Such a catchy phrase and such an easy thing to do! If it has the recycle symbol on it be sure to throw it in the blue bin. It’s one of the easiest things to do and can have a huge impact when everyone does it! Don’t forget to compost as well if your city has a program. 
Beach/Park Clean Up–donate
Another great opportunity is to participate in a beach or park clean up! It’s amazing how much trash we can generate, and a lot of that gets left behind by people. Participating in a clean up is a great way to make sure our harm doesn’t harm other animals. It’s also a great sense of accomplishment once your done and everything is spotless! 
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Shorter Shower
In California this is especially important since the state has had two dismal winters. Cutting down on the shower time is one little thing we can do to help save the water for things that we absolutely need!
Renewable Energy Sources
 Do you use a lot of energy? Consider looking into renewable energy sources like solar or wind. Most of our energy comes from burning coal which releases pollutants into the air. The Sun is able to prove more energy every day than we could ever use. Using solar panels allows you to get your energy from the Sun and cut down on the amount of coal that needs to be burned. Win-Win right?
Electric Car
This is mostly for Dino Boy who is obsessed with the Tesla cars. While they are amazing, $90,000 seems like a little much for a car. However, many companies are beginning to produce these cars and they’re a big improvement from what we being offered a few years ago. Consider looking into one for you next car and help cut down on gas emissions!
Get Outside!
One of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day is to simply get outside and enjoy it! Go to a park, go for a walk, hug a tree, just make sure to get out and breathe the fresh air!

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