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Best Dressed At The Oscars

Seriously what is jlo using as an anti aging lotion because I need it desperately
Anna Kendrick looks flawless in this peach number. Just the right amount of skin
 I know this dress has been a hit or miss for all of you but I adore it. I love the color and the fun flower!
 Reese Witherspoon reminded me I need to call my hairstylist for a trim. Hair, makeup and dress are all absolute perfection
 Anna Faris you are a red carpet gift that no one pays attention to. I absolute love this dress, do you think I can steal it for an upcoming gala?
 I loved Rosamund Pike’s lace gown. It is a gorgeous color and fits her flawlessly.

Worst Dressed At The Oscars

Is Solange allergic to the sun?
Keira Knightley is a beautiful woman that is all lost in this busy ill forming gown
Marion Cotillard has a lot going on but her bum shouldn’t be the center of attention tonight
I can’t get over this bandeau distraction going on in this gown
Did Lady Gaga steal Captain America’s gloves?

Sunday Saying- The Moment Seizes Us

Sipping Saturday- 2015 Oscars drinking game

Take a drink every time
-NPH sings a song
-Every time a name is mis-pronounced (looking at you John Travolta)
-Any time Sony Hack/North Korea is mentioned or referenced
-Any time someone swears
-Another drink if it’s not bleaped
-A film wins that you didn’t know existed until that point
-Someone falls (Jennifer Lawrence is the safe bet here)
-Anytime you yawn, then get a shot of redbull…this thing is 3 hours long!
-Meryl Streep, that’s all
-Someone gets played off during their speech

Prepping for baseball season!

Today starts the beginning of one of my favorite seasons: baseball season! Today pitchers and catchers report and so I’m already stocking up on Boston Red Sox goodies! Here are some of my favorites! I also included some men’s shirts in hopes that Dino Boy will just maybe wear a Red Sox shirt as well!

Boston Red Sox Womens Sublime Racerback Nightshirt - White Boston Red Sox Ladies Inbounds Slim Fit V-Neck T-Shirt - Ash Red Jacket Boston Red Sox Reversal T-Shirt - Red Cutter & Buck Boston Red Sox Mogul DryTec Performance Polo - Navy Blue Stitches Boston Red Sox Brushed Tricot Color-Blocked Track Jacket - Navy Blue/Red Cutter & Buck Boston Red Sox Ladies Sweet Spot Skinny Polo - Red Red Jacket Boston Red Sox Women's Trainer V-Neck T-Shirt - Ash Cuce Shoes Boston Red Sox Ladies The Groupie Espadrille Wedge Sandals - Tan

Valentine’s Day Last Minute Gift Ideas

This Saturday is Valentine’s day which means it’s time to get your special man something if you haven’t already. Check out my last minute gift ideas for the special person in your life!
A magzine subscription is a great gift and one that will keep on giving throughout the year! Men’s Health, GQ, and Sports Illustrated are all sure hits!
Who doesn’t like a great smelling guy? Give him some cologne, he’ll think of you every time he sprays it on!
Is your guy a sport’s fan? Grab him some tickets to his favorite team! The NHL, NBA and MLB all have games that you can get tickets too!
I’m a big fan of Calvin Klein Eternity from Macy’s
He learns how to get fit, I get eye candy! Check out
I’m a big fan of Calvin Klein Eternity from Macy’s