Monthly Archives: December 2014

The holiday season as told in Christmas movie gifs

It’s Thanksgiving and I am so excited to put out Christmas decorations tomorrow
I go into a food coma and don’t
I do some Cyber Monday shopping for the 50 people on our list
I start listening to Christmas music
I get talked into getting a Christmas tree
I finish decorating the house
I start baking all my favorite holiday goodies
I make my Christmas and birthday list
I enjoy the holiday season with my family and friends!

My Christmas Playlist

I’m such a sucker for Christmas music and this year I decided to actually make a playlist of my favorite holiday songs to get in the spirit. I have had a hard time getting into the holiday spirit but the second I put Christmas songs on and watched Love Actually I was finally ready to celebrate my favorite holiday! Here are my top 50 Christmas songs. What is your favorite Christmas song?

Gift ideas for your boss

Sunday Saying- Don’t have to be perfect

Introducing weigh in Wednesday

The holidays are approaching and for me that means serious weight gain! I’ve decided to be more proactive and do my best every day to be a healthier and happier woman! Every week I’ll let you know how the journey is going and would love to hear what y’all are doing to stay healthy. I’m ready to take on a new lifestyle, who is with me?!

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