Haters gonna hate

Yesterday I received my first hateful comment about my blog and my appearance and I have to say it hit me in a way I never would have imagined. I went into a funk for a couple hours and processed the comments that were made. It breaks my heart to see women tearing down other women, we have enough going on in life that we should be spending the time empowering one another and ourselves. My challenge for all of you is to write a positive and encouraging comment on a blog today. Let others know what makes them amazing and spread that sunshine around. I also challenge you to say something positive about yourself in the mirror today. We need to love one another but we also need to love ourselves. So thank you whoever you were for the reminder that while I love the blog world and love the relationships I have built because of it, I also love myself and the strength I have to move on. Hope you all have a wonderful and positive day!

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