5 things I’ve learned since turning 25

1. Marriage is the best but also really hard work. This year I was so excited to marry Dino Boy and I have to say it’s been a fun learning experience!
2. Hangovers last all day now. Two years ago I could mix alcohol, wake up with a headache and after a greasy breakfast I would be just fine. Now, if I have more than two glasses of wine I end up with a headache that lasts all day.
3. ┬áSometimes walking away is the best thing for everyone. Sometimes you need to be selfish and do things that will help make you happier and healthier. It sucks but it’s worth it.
4. Make time for a hobby. No matter what it is always live a life that allows you time to enjoy something for yourself without any distractions.
5. Listen to your body. This year my health had ups and downs and I certainly learned how sensitive it can be when I dont take care of it. Pay attention to what’s going on with it and always take good care of it!

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