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5 things I’ve learned since turning 25

1. Marriage is the best but also really hard work. This year I was so excited to marry Dino Boy and I have to say it’s been a fun learning experience!
2. Hangovers last all day now. Two years ago I could mix alcohol, wake up with a headache and after a greasy breakfast I would be just fine. Now, if I have more than two glasses of wine I end up with a headache that lasts all day.
3.  Sometimes walking away is the best thing for everyone. Sometimes you need to be selfish and do things that will help make you happier and healthier. It sucks but it’s worth it.
4. Make time for a hobby. No matter what it is always live a life that allows you time to enjoy something for yourself without any distractions.
5. Listen to your body. This year my health had ups and downs and I certainly learned how sensitive it can be when I dont take care of it. Pay attention to what’s going on with it and always take good care of it!

Sunday Saying- Stop Waiting

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Traditions

I have always loved the traditions that go with Christmas, every family celebrates it in a little bit different way. It’s been really fun seeing how Dino Boy’s family celebrates Christmas along with the traditions from my family. By combining the two we’re able to create our own traditions.

Dino Boy’s family is really big on Christmas Eve. His grandfather, who they all call “papa,” has been dressing up as santa for as long as Dino Boy can remember. He’s got the entire suit, glasses, wig, boots…everything! Over the years the tradition has evolved. These days, he measures everyone’s height followed by a telling of the night before christmas, which ends up being hilarious, as his grandmother, who acts as Mrs. Claus is constantly correcting “Santa.” The whole shindig is followed by opening of presents and then a big dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. Claus during A Night Before Christmas (Dino Boy’s Grandma and “Papa”)

One of the main traditions in my family has been the making of Santa’s whiskers, the most delicious christmas cookies known to man. It’s so big that we will sometimes give the dough as presents at thanksgiving to get everyone ready! Dino Boy had never had one and I was able to introduce him to the deliciousness last year, he’s now hooked!

Most Amazing cookies ever!

These days, Dino boy and I have been developing our own little traditions. This year I started collecting fun new ornaments for our tree. We also have a vintage looking elf on the shelf that we love to hide around the home.
Our elf likes to hang out at our bar cart

In between the craziness of trying to make it to 4 christmases, we like to curl up on the couch with some wine and a plate of Santa’s whiskers and watch a christmas movie. After all the running around it’s the perfect way to relax, and one of our favorite traditions!

What are some of your family traditions?

All I want for Christmas is all of this!

earrings     red vest     scarf
bangle     gloves     card case

Haters gonna hate

Yesterday I received my first hateful comment about my blog and my appearance and I have to say it hit me in a way I never would have imagined. I went into a funk for a couple hours and processed the comments that were made. It breaks my heart to see women tearing down other women, we have enough going on in life that we should be spending the time empowering one another and ourselves. My challenge for all of you is to write a positive and encouraging comment on a blog today. Let others know what makes them amazing and spread that sunshine around. I also challenge you to say something positive about yourself in the mirror today. We need to love one another but we also need to love ourselves. So thank you whoever you were for the reminder that while I love the blog world and love the relationships I have built because of it, I also love myself and the strength I have to move on. Hope you all have a wonderful and positive day!

Sunday Saying- Dreams come true