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Our Halloween costumes this year

Our Halloween costumes have always been a huge thing for me. As a kid my mom handmade all of our costumes, it was always a special event getting our costumes on. Now that I’m in my twenties my mom may not be making them but I certainly am! Last year we were a 50’s housewife and milkman and this year we are Mary Poppins and Gus. Here are our costumes! What are you dressing up as this year!

Orange is the new black

Spooky tunes

This Friday we will be hosting our annual Halloween party and I am starting to go into full party prep mode! My morning consisted of putting together our playlist for the night. Here are my 50 spooky tunes:
We are lucky enough to have a Sonos so that means we can just hook up the playlist and put the laptop away. The nice thing about Sonos is they are wireless so you can listen to them throughout the house!

Halloween party to dos as told by gifs

This week I’m sharing my party planning process for our annual Halloween bash! You guys, I get so excited when it comes to planning a theme party and poor Dino Boy is always a good sport about the crazy person I become during this. Todays post is my planning process in gif form. 
On our honeymoon I asked Dino boy if we could have another Hallowen party
He said yes
I started planning our drink menu
And our snacks
I started designing our party invitations
And made a full layout for decorations in each room
Made our guest list of all of the great people that party just as hard as us
Had a pinterest worthy party in my head
Planned our halloween costumes
Thought I was all done
Realized I have another 5 days to create more fun activities
So excited to have my favorite monsters over to party

Sunday Saying- some days are just hard

The Big Show by Dino Boy

It’s October, one of the best months for a sports fan. Football, hockey, Basketball, and most importantly, Playoff baseball. That’s right, it’s World Series time, and my beloved San Francisco Giants are taking on the Kansas City Royals. 
I’m excited because my team is playing for the championship for the 3rd time in the past 5 years, Noelle is excited because it means baseball season is almost over. 
Seriously, I have the best wife, she let me watch all 4 Giant’s playoff games while we were on our honeymoon in Hawaii. Where ever we went, the Giants were with us, including when we were watching the sunsets. Just me, my wife and the giants…romantic right?
Yes, we watched the sunset while streaming the game
So it’s the Royals and the Giants, which promises to be a great series. Both teams are built very similar, emphasizing strong pitching. The Royals got to the World Series by sweeping every team that they played in the playoffs. Until Tuesday, they hadn’t lost a game in the postseason. They beat the A’s, Angels and Orioles to make it to the big show. 
The Giants took a similar road to the playoffs, beating the Pirates in the wild card game, then beating the Nationals in 4 games (One of which was the longest game in postseason history), and then the Cardinals in 5. Both teams were wild card teams, meaning they were the lowest seed. 
The last time two wild card teams played for the championship was 2002, when the Giants played the Angels. It was the year of the rally monkey. 
The Giants lost in the 7th game, I’ve hated monkeys ever since.
I hate this monkey with a passion
As the first 2 games have shown, we are in for an exciting series. The Giants took game 1 and the Royals came back to take game 2 to tie the series 1-1. The series now moves back to San Francisco for three games. 
The city is going crazy. Giants hats, flags, and t-shirts are everywhere. Police escorts for the player buses are happening every 2 hours. We’re pumped to watch the Giants go for their third championship  in the best park in the MLB. 
Nothing beats AT&T on a sunny day

The rest of the United States, including California don’t share the same optimism that we do. In fact, the entire country is rooting for the Royals to win. 

Giants don’t even have their home state
But that’s okay, because we like being the underdog. More importantly, we like a good series, which this promises to be. So grab a beer, make some hot dogs, and watch a game this weekend! All games are on Fox at 8pm EST, 5pm Pacific. 
And my prediction, Giants in 5 games (just because I really want to see them win the series at home)