Going to the big city

I have always been a positive person. That is one thing I am very proud to be. As a child I was a little too positive. I failed a test and brought it to my mom excited about how beautiful the ink on my f was. I had the typical childlike wonder and innocence that just wants to be happy. Im on the train right now thinking about one of my favorite typical noelle is a positive girl stories. When we moved to california it was certainly a culture shock. Having schools outside, a low key lifestyle and amazing weather was not something I was used to but of course enjoyed. We lived in the suburbs and were always able to find something to do close by. One morning my mom took the wrong freeway entrance and realized we were headed to San Francisco. I was so excited,  exclaiming “oh yes we are going to the big city!” I viewed a wrong turn as a new adventure. 
I sometimes think we are to quick to turn around. Sometimes we need to head to the big city, explore new areas, try new things and go outside of our comfort zones. So tonight try something new, sign up for a class, try a new restaurant or watch a new show on Netflix. As for me I’m headed to date night in the BIG CITY with Dino Boy.

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