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Sunday Saying- fall

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September through my phone

This month has been a crazy one! Dino Boy and I got married, we saw family, and we had lots of wine. This is what my month looked like.  What did you do this month?
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Going to the big city

I have always been a positive person. That is one thing I am very proud to be. As a child I was a little too positive. I failed a test and brought it to my mom excited about how beautiful the ink on my f was. I had the typical childlike wonder and innocence that just wants to be happy. Im on the train right now thinking about one of my favorite typical noelle is a positive girl stories. When we moved to california it was certainly a culture shock. Having schools outside, a low key lifestyle and amazing weather was not something I was used to but of course enjoyed. We lived in the suburbs and were always able to find something to do close by. One morning my mom took the wrong freeway entrance and realized we were headed to San Francisco. I was so excited,  exclaiming “oh yes we are going to the big city!” I viewed a wrong turn as a new adventure. 
I sometimes think we are to quick to turn around. Sometimes we need to head to the big city, explore new areas, try new things and go outside of our comfort zones. So tonight try something new, sign up for a class, try a new restaurant or watch a new show on Netflix. As for me I’m headed to date night in the BIG CITY with Dino Boy.

My favorite looks from the Scandal line at The Limited

Can we just talk about how amazing the Scandal line is for The Limited?! I really think an entire paycheck might be going to these drool worthy pieces. I had the pleasure of listening to Kerry Washington at BlogHer this year and she shared all about these wonderful articles of clothing but now that I’ve seen the collection as a whole I am completely blown away! Who else is buying a piece of this scandal worthy collection?

50 things to do this fall

Visit a haunted house

Try a boozy apple cider cocktail (look for one on saturday)

Visit a pumpkin patch

Go to a park

Go to an apple orchard

Make s’mores

Go for a picnic

Try a pumpkin recipe

Make homemade apple sauce

Rake leaves

Build a fort

Have a lazy sunday

Make soup

Go wine tasting

Go for a bike ride

Throw a pumpkin carving party

Bake an apple pie

Build a bonfire

Go to the corn maze

Participate in a week long fantasy football league

Try a fall beer

Burn some fall candles

Host friendsgiving

Go camping

Walk a 5k

Watch season premieres

Watch hocus pocus

Go to a football game

Watch It’s the great pumpkin, charlie brown

Host a dinner party

Go to a street fair

Have a scary movie date

Make something in the crockpot

Have chili

Have candy corn


Go hiking

Decorate the house for fall

Roast pumpkin seeds

Make a halloween playlist

Read frankenstein

Make leaf garland

Make carmel apples


Watch the nightmare before christmas


Go for a drive

Visit the zoo

Go to a play

Make handprint turkeys

Sunday Saying Be Still

My wedding day in gifs

After approximately 3 hours of sleep I woke up ready to get married!
That quickly turned into a vomit filled morning
Dino Boy and I exchanged letters and cried
So many people showed up and helped out
I left to go get hair and makeup done
Dino Boy dropped off In N Out 
I was finally ready and did a first look with my Dad
Composed myself to walk out with all my lovely ladies
We had the quickest best ceremony
We walked out and freaked out
Then we ate and danced all night!!!